ah, sun.

Doesn’t sunshine just make everything better? Melbourne has really pulled through this week with glorious sun, mild air, blossoms blooming. Spring.

So many people have said this week, in answer to the general “how are you?” question – “Good, this week. The SUN is out.” So true, so true. What is it, about the sun? I love Winter: the cosiness, the slow pace. But I’m ready to shake off the cool shades blue and welcome Spring.

What have you been doing in the sunshine this week?

P.S. I spent some time getting lost in the blog Luna Pacifica the other day. There is a very seasonal theme over there and I was enchanted by the way in which the author Jessie lives her life in very close relationship with the earth. Worth a read if you’re in the mood!



  1. Lesley@ early play August 25, 2011

    Today in sunny sydney I took my grandson for a long walk – he is 18months old and loves outdoors best. it was like a summers day and everyone we passed was wearing Tshirts. love your Aussie photos.

  2. exhilaration | motherwho October 2, 2011

    […] Unplugged Sunday lately. I just read this post by the writer of Luna Pacifica, who I mentioned a while ago. I think some seasonal journal writing might help curb my link-clinking and keep me in the present, […]


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