I am sitting here on the big couch, in the warmth, with Baby sleeping and snuggling in my arms, wondering if things could get any better. She’s all warm and soft, I just love the way her chubby legs curl up like a little frog when she cuddles on my chest. Outside there is a light fog, and the Liquid Amber tree is starting to lose it’s leaves. I love winter but I’m always sad when that tree is sitting there naked and thin. At the moment the remaining leaves are a deep, rich, honey caramel colour. In spring, the leaves are thick and bright grasshopper green. It’s the first thing I see when I look out our window.

Aventful still hasn’t arrived, so on Sunday I gave up and faced the hell that is more commonly known as ‘stocktake sales’. I wish someone had warned me. Every bone in my body was shrieking GET ME OUT OF HERE, but there was no escape. The dismal swim through a sea of bodies and flashy signs making my materialistic side get all hot and jumpy, ended in a 2 hour search for the breast pump of my dreams. Apparently there were other mummies on the same treasure hunt as they were sold out at every shop I went to. My feet hurt, my back ached and we had the pram so we were forever walking miles from one lift to another to go up or down floors. I also had images playing in my head of that KMart ad where the lovely, kind, gentle shop assistant lady is all smiles and cheer helping a customer with a large box. Unfortunately she was nowhere to be found at the stocktake sales. It must have been her day off. Just as I was on the verge of tears Prince Charming suggested Babies ‘R’ Us. A horrible place, but nonetheless my eyes lit up as though he had just suggested we pop into Apple and buy me a Macbook (computer of my dreams). At 4.55pm, as they were putting up the plastic barricades at Babies ‘R’ Us, I walked out with an Avent ISIS Electrical Breast Pump clutched to my chest – the very last one they had in store. I was the happiest mummy in town. We took Aventful No. 2 home and over the last few days we’ve been getting to know each other. As I suspected, Brilliant is getting on like a house on fire, but Bamboozling is taking a little longer to warm up.

Enough milk talk, I’m thinking I might throw the dogs in the car and go for a walk down by the river before Mother’s Group this afternoon. A coffee might well be on the cards too…


  1. Anonymous June 25, 2010

    Love your blog, you are so positive about being a young mother, it’s a nice change and lovely to hear!

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