Spring Rhythms

I remember a while ago writing about the golden leaves of the liquid amber, only to look outside this morning and see tiny green buds appearing on her long thin branches. I realised it was high time to shake off the last remnants of winter and step out into the sunshine.

We lay together on a picnic rug.

I always think I have to take Baby somewhere special to see nature, that our suburban backyard is not enough. For a few years now I have been pining for the countryside, for a little cottage amongst the trees, for chooks, for green. I thought it would make me happy, to be amongst nature. I thought it was the only way to give Baby a quiet, natural life. As I lay in the sun this morning, I looked around, I saw what she saw. New life everywhere. New sounds, new colours, new foliage, new green.

This is what we found, right here at home…

Just another reminder to live in this moment, here, today, and now.

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