a pillowcase dress

I borrowed Handmade Home from the library. I’ve been all Soule-Mama-Crazy the last few weeks since the arrival of The Rhythm of Family in my letterbox.

Inside Handmade Home there are instructions to make a pillowcase dress. I’ve had a pretty orange pillowcase sitting in my sewing room for weeks and could not bare the thought of cutting it up. Until finding the instructions in the book I had resolved to keep it and use it on my bed. After much deliberation, I decided to snippety snappety snip. However five minutes of turning the snipped pillowcase this way and that with a frown on my face, to my dismay I realised I had cut it entirely the wrong way! Nevertheless, patience prevailed and after some creative seam unpicking I managed to find enough remaining material to make the dress-slash-top.

Next time I make one of these it will take about an eighth of the time I spent making this one! It’s a little big for Baby but should fit perfectly come Christmas.







  1. littlepieceofpie September 25, 2011

    It’s beautiful, well done! I think that fabric is perfect for a little top, much too pretty to be left as a pillow case. I will have to track down that book it sounds fab.

    • motherwho September 25, 2011

      Oh thank you! Yes, the book is fabulous! Follow the link in my post and you will find it. It’s by Amanda Soule, author of the blog http://soulemama.com. Love it! Will be re-borrowing from the library for as long as I am allowed and then I may just have to purchase my very own copy.

  2. Jo @ indigo inspirations September 26, 2011

    Oh I love it too….didn’t they just produce great fabric back then?? I too have been looking at those books for ages…will have to get one. Xox Jo

  3. Tania September 26, 2011

    Gorgeous! This has to be my all time favourite crafting book. The words and projects are so special. I’m going to make the picnic blanket with all the sheeting pieces already cut (just waiting on my new bobbin case). I’ve used many of the projects in here over the past couple of years. Thanks for your Rhythm of Family tip on pencilling in the Australian seasons. I’m going to try that.


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