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Baby has been sick towards the end of this week, so we have had two sleepless nights and days. Wow. How quickly your body forgets those wakeful nights of a younger baby. It’s been such a shock to the system, I feel rawther hungover and groggy. It was on Thursday that she awoke at 5am, had less than half the amount of sleep she usually does for her day time nap, and then didn’t go to sleep until 10.30pm that night. Prince Charming sat in her bedroom for two hours to try and help her get to sleep. It got to 9.30pm and she was no closer to drifting off, so I brought her into our bed and very naughtily put a show on the laptop (90/10 rule, right?) and cuddled her to sleep. It took about ten minutes. She then woke again at 1am, came back into our bed, drifted off in fits of tears and exhaustion at 4.30am and awoke at 7am.

Yesterday she once again didn’t want to go to sleep in the day, so my aunty took her for a walk and she slept in her pram for two and a half hours! Last night, same same. She eventually went to sleep in my arms on the couch at 10.30pm. Lucky for all of us she slept all night. Strangely enough I feel worse today than I did yesterday! Today we didn’t even try to put her into her cot, we took her for a walk in the pram which brings us to our present position. She has a cold, and I think being in the pram and slightly more upright makes it easier for her to breathe, rather than flat on her back.

It’s really made me realise how far a few cuddles can go with a sick baby. I feel like I am always one step behind in the parenting game, figuring really basic things out a moment too late. After all our attempts to put her to sleep in our regular way the last two nights, which consists of a few stories, a few songs, a cuddle and a night-night-love-you (never have any problems and don’t usually hear a peep), it took fifteen minutes of cuddles with mama for the little cherub to go to sleep. Phew! Get with it mama!

I also have a few concerns about the new amber teething necklace I bought for Baby on Thursday. We lost her necklace a few months ago (by ‘lost’ I mean we put it in a really-really-really safe place) so I lashed out the other day after giving up on finding it and bought her a new one. I put it on her at about 11am Thursday and by 1pm she was snotty, awake and cranky after having been fine and playing at the park that morning. That night after all her fitful sleeps, I took it off at about 4am and she was asleep by 4.30am. Yesterday she had it on all day. I took it off at 10pm last night and by 10.30pm she was asleep and slept all night.

I’ve had it on me this morning as I read somewhere that it’s good for the mum to wear the jewellery before putting it on the child, but I just read here┬áthat amber has a really large memory and remembers all the places it has been, people it has touched and energy that it has come across, so I’m wondering if more needs to be done. It suggests a cleansing method that involves soaking the necklace in salt water and then leaving it in the sun. I’ve since read on other websites that you should never leave amber in the sun?! I’d be interested to hear other’s experiences with amber teething necklaces? This is the third one we have had (first one broke), but the others have been great. I do believe in the healing power of crystals and resins such as amber (hence why I am using one in the first place) so I would value anyone’s ideas or experience with this topic. The two we originally had were all one colour as you can see in the photo. This one is multicoloured with four different types on amber on it – very dark, brown, clear and foggy yellow…

Help needed!


  1. Mable October 16, 2011

    No idea sorry luce! I’m sure Lee would have an idea though..

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