and the birds were singing, to calm us down…


Laura Marling. Holidays. Barbeques. Sleep ins.

I’ve left them behind and shuffled back to the city. I’m itchy. And not because I had head lice about a month ago for the first time in my 29 years! Just that niggling kind of restless itchy. As I sat there laboriously wrenching that nasty little comb through my conditioner soaked locks, I dreamt of Christmas and the time on the coast that was to come. And now I’m back.

I listened to the tunes of Laura Marling while I was giving birth.

And I listened again over summer as I sat under the ancient oak next to my mum’s caravan.

We were on summer holidays. We took a breath. A deep inhalation before the new year begins and begins and begins. Just the three of us… and our beloved dogs of course. The bunny was sent on a private retreat with some family and off we went.

Our first night at the van proved anything but restful with Bird coming down rapidly with her Daddy’s cold. We finally got her to sleep at midnight only for her to wake every hour after in fits of snotty wails and sobs.

The next day we took shifts with her so the other could sleep. A slightly rough beginning to our holiday but as Mum said in response to a miserable whiny text message I sent her: “At least you are on holiday! No schedule. No time restrictions.”

Yes. She was right.

It’s a quiet part of the world, where mum’s caravan sits in country Victoria. Not a traditional holiday destination which is partly why we like it so much. It’s just twenty minutes from the beach and in amongst rolling hills and fresh air.

After the caravan, we drove down and around a few bends of coastland to the hustle and bustle of the seaside, to the in-law’s beach house. By the time we arrived home two days ago we had had such a well rounded break. We contemplated the Christmas season. The sudden halt after the rush was welcomed, but each year it seems almost abrupt.

We’ve been back in the big smoke for just two days now, and already I feel almost as though I never left. I’m trying to hang on, desperately, to those holiday things. You know the ones I mean. Holiday type things like getting up for a walk each morning and taking in the air. Seeing the sea, going for coffee, reading the paper. Suduko! Ah, Suduko. Heading out for a walk at 5pm and not looking at the clock. Eating dinner late and only ever barbeques and salad. Never being able to find your shoes because you haven’t been wearing them. Not having to change into your pj’s when you get home because the clothes you’re already wearing are comfy enough. No fuss.

There are a few things I had the time and the space to think about. Things I want to do this year and be. I don’t want to have too many goals because then I’ll get disheartened. But a few is nice, I think. A few little ideas to keep you on track, to remind you of that time in summer you sat with your barefeet, a glass of wine and an open heart under the evening sky.


  1. Tania January 13, 2012

    It is really hard to get your head around when the holidays end. Though I don’t have work to go back to, I’m now home with three until school goes back. We were both rather depressed the night before Daniel went back to work. I’m already looking forward to a few little weekend breaks to get back the holiday feeling.
    When Julia was little, every time we went away, with out fail, she would get sick. But, as you said, better when you are away and have the time!

  2. motherwho January 17, 2012

    Thanks Tania, I hope you’re doing ok with all the kids at home and Daniel back at work. I know the feeling – when I was on maternity leave I still got the Sunday blues! x


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