seven random facts and a few other bits and pieces…

… about me. Your lucky day.

Week before last when I was in study fog, I mentioned I had been passed the baton of the Versatile Blogger Award by Pamela at the ripple effect. There are a few rules that come with this game, including sharing seven random facts about yourself, as well as passing the award onto other fellow bloggers. In the same day (my lucky day) Michaela also shared the Reader Appreciation Award with me, which has some specific questions to answer. Thanks again to both these lovely bloggers for thinking of me. It really did make my day. I decided to cover them both in this post, as I’m not sure how many of you would stick with me if I wrote two posts in one week answering questions about myself!

Here goes!

:: What is your favourite colour? Green.

:: What is your favourite animal? Hard to say. I have two dogs and a bunny, and love all of them! I think all animals have something to offer a fan. I love cows. I just find them beautiful to look at. And birds. Whales. I think animals are just great.

:: What is your favourite non alcoholic drink? Chocolate milk.

:: Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Both have good points and bad. Twitter I love because I can keep up to date with broader things I’m interested in. Facebook helps to keep in touch with people I know personally. I try not to spend much time on either though, because they both have the ability to devour so much time and sometimes – usually – make me feel a bit mindless.

:: What is your favourite pattern? I find this a strange question probably only because I don’t know the names of lots of patterns I might recognise. I like paisley type patterns and florals. I like modern, minimalist patterns too that are fun and bright. I especially love all the designs that Melissa over at tiny happy creates on her material.

:: Do you prefer giving or getting presents? There is something delicious about both! I try to make most of the presents I give and I love thinking about what to create for special people in my life. For some reason I also love wrapping presents too, I never ever buy wrapping paper, but love to recycle paper I am given, use Baby’s paintings and combinations of newspaper and other random things. And of course, everyone loves getting a present. I can get embarrassed opening them in front of people though.

:: What is your favourite number? I have a few, for different reasons. Four for Baby’s birthday, twenty for mine, ninety-nine for the house I grew up in.

:: What is your favourite flower? Gosh I am hopeless with this one. I love flowers, but am not tops when it comes to knowing the names of flowers. Actually though, I do know one of my favourite trees, which comes with flowers, so maybe that will count – the silver princess gum.

:: What is your passion? Being a good mum. Learning things. Creating things. Making things. Natural things.

:: Seven random facts:

1. Sometimes my internal dialogue gets so noisy I accidentally answer a question I am role playing in my head out loud. Yes, this has happened in a public place.

2. I am a redhead and a Taurus and can be cranky determined.

3. I don’t like getting out of bed in the mornings.

4. I have a very vivid imagination. When I was younger I thought I would grow up and not be scared of things (like the dark/aliens/monsters) but I still get the creeps.

5. Nothing in my life has ever given me more pleasure and joy and amazement than being pregnant and subsequently being a mummy and playing a role in my own little family. Nothing.

6. I fell over on our main street about eight weeks ago. Tore my tights open and had a big scab on my knee. Was running late for work. Kept walking while crying at the same time until Prince Charming picked me up in a sobbing mess. Baby, who was in the back seat, is still talking about how Mummy fell over and “wied” (cried).

7. I can’t stand that sound that people make on the radio when they are either old or nervous and have a clammy mouth – like a salivary, subtle, tongue-leaving-roof-of-mouth-sound in between their words. Eugh. It’s so unreasonable, and I am fully aware of this, but it actually makes me feel angry when I hear it. And guilty at the same time because, damnit, it just isn’t their fault! Clammy mouthed lip smackers have feelings too!

I’d like to pass either or both of these awards (depending on how much time people have!) on to some of my favourite bloggers and their blogs:

:: Tania at ivy nest

:: Megan at this whole family

:: Tricia at Little Eco Footprints

:: Melissa at tiny happy

:: Katie and Ruben at House of Humble

Great blogs and from what I can see, lovely people!


  1. melissa July 19, 2012

    thank you for mentioning me in this post! i’m honoured. 🙂
    great answers!

  2. Meagan July 19, 2012

    Thank you! Oh so kind! Loved learning more about you. xo m.

  3. Tricia July 20, 2012

    I’m a determined taurus too 😉

    Thank you for including me – and thanks you for letting me know. I was here the other day admiring your new look and managed to miss this post.

    I’m not very good at playing along with awards – but thank you anyway 🙂

  4. Tricia July 20, 2012

    Me again….just popped back to say thanks for sharing House of Humble and Tiny Happy – the others I know and love – but these two are new to me. I just popped over to check them out and LOVE their sites. Thanks:-)


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