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A lady in the queue at the deli yesterday told me I have a few weeks to go before I give birth… after I told her when prompted that I am 39 weeks pregnant. Then apologised, as in, I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you that. Good luck!

I don’t really mind.

It sometimes strikes me as odd though, the things strangers say to you when you’re carting around an ever expanding belly. Mostly nice, and mostly all at least meaning to be nice and friendly and conversation-like even if the preggy lady and her preggy belly wander off with downcast face and pouty lips.

I have been told by at least four strangers that my baby is definitely a boy.

I have been told by at least two strangers that my baby is definitely a girl.

I have had my belly rubbed by a barista.

I have been told that I am huge.

I have been told that I am tiny.

Sometimes I have received both comments on the same day.

I have been asked by a child in the street, “what is that in your tummy?”

I have been told that my stomach sticks out a lot.

I have been asked if I am sure my due date is in October because I am so impossibly enormous that the baby must just be about to explode out of me at the coffee shop. (Thanks, lady).

I have been told how exhausted and ragged and busy I am going to be when I have two kids instead of one.

I have been told what a joy it is to have another baby.

I have been asked if I am having twins.

I have been told that I look lovely and happy and calm.

I have told that I must be “over it.” (Really? I was feeling ok, until now…)

I have been asked by a man at the fruit shop if I was planning on doing a belly cast because his wife has one and really likes it.

I have been asked if I would be disappointed if we had a boy.

I have been asked if I would be disappointed if we had a girl.

Both times I have answered…


Any type of baby of mine will be just super, thank you.

And that is the truth of the matter.

*another Mardi Sommerfeld photo.



  1. Lila Wolff September 30, 2012

    You look stunning.

  2. kittyskaboodle September 30, 2012

    Hello. I just popped over from somewhere… now I can’t remember where exactly…
    I agree with Lila above. You do look stunning! Look at the wonderful belly.
    Isn’t it amazing what strangers will say to you when pregnant. I was told by a shop lady that I was going to have a monster. I told her that no, actually I’ll have a baby and it will be wonderful thank you very much! Men with no children felt the need to give pregnancy and labour advice too. Everyone becomes an expert.
    I wish you a beautiful labour and birth.

    • motherwho October 1, 2012

      Hi Kitty, thanks for your comment! So nice of you to stop by. I think people mean well but get stumped as to what to say to a preggy lady… I can’t believe someone called your babe a monster! Agree with the men with no kids thing – and add to that men of father-in-law age!!! Some of my friend’s dads have said the most outrageous things!

  3. Melissa Naiad October 1, 2012

    I think you look great. 🙂

    And it is crazy what strangers say to pregnant women. I got a lot of “you must be due any day,” (when I wasn’t even close) and “wow, your baby is going to be huge.” And I ended up with a healthy 7lb 12oz girl.

    • motherwho October 1, 2012

      Don’t you love it when people question your due date or say things like “you must be ready to pop/burst/insert choice explosion like adjective here.” Your girl is absolutely gorgeous to boot. xx


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