lemonade… made with REAL lemons!


Wow. Great. Amazing!


I saw this sign on our way home yesterday on the freeway. A photo of a lemonade bottle with the aforementioned slogan. At first I didn’t think anything of it, and just continued on my way. Then my mind did a double take. Lemonade, made with real lemons? We are supposed to be excited about this? Amazed and enthralled? Scuttle on out quick sticks buy a bottle and guzzle it down? The more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was a slogan from some futuristic show.

Over the past few years I have been changing and tweaking our diets ever so slowly. I’ve done a lot of reading, researching, trial and error. We have been vegetarians, but are no longer. We have eaten non-organic, organic, bio-dynamic. We have tried to grow our own food. We have bought from the big guys as well as locally. The changes we have made have been so gradual that I haven’t really noticed the difference. However we are now eating mainly organic foods, and have learnt a lot more about natural, whole foods.

REAL food.

I try to stick to foods that have been minimally processed, and have ingredients I can read on the label (if there happens to be one!)

Seeing this sign made me realise how accustomed we have become to eating foods that are manufactured, foods that are not real. My guess is the real lemons that make up this lemonade are many steps back in the production line. I would be interested to see.

But not interested enough to buy a bottle of it.


  1. Maria January 16, 2013

    Like you, eating Real food is not hard, it just take awareness. When I I make food from scratch, I try as much as possible, for the ingredients to just be simple and ‘Real’. 🙂 mb

    • motherwho January 16, 2013

      Tastes so much better that way Maria! 🙂

      • Maria January 16, 2013

        Yes it does 🙂 mb

  2. Tania January 16, 2013

    I have similar thoughts in my head when I do the grocery shop, it really makes you wonder. And a little sad too that things have come to this. I made a homemade lemonade at christmas with a lemon and sugar syrup mixed like cordial with soda water. Not too sweet but so refreshing.
    Thanks Lucy for your concern about the fires. Things are looking positive here at the moment. xo

    • motherwho January 16, 2013

      It’s happened so slowly it seems like no one has noticed! I’ve made my own a few times too with the recipe from Wholefood for Children by Jude Bleureux. Once you stop eating as many processed foods you find you don’t need the ridiculous amount of sweetness found in artificial flavours, I’m sure you can relate!

      Glad you are all ok re the fires, what a scary time, hard to turn away from the tv. I was shocked to see one on the news about 15 minutes from our place while we were away at the beach, but luckily it was contained fairly quickly. Hopefully things remain positive where you are xxx


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