yeah, another post about that baby bath video

Am I the only person in the world with an internet connection who has only just seen this baby bath video? I have watched it three times, and only managed to hold back my tears upon the third viewing. Even little Birdie was saying, “Just one more time, ok?” Oh, it is beautiful, and I so wish I had seen it when I was pregnant. Maybe then I could have avoided this:

Twice. Oh dear. It got me thinking (yet again) about how we interact with babies. Poor little Pixie barely gets a moment of peace while she is awake due to having a rowdy big sister clanging around the place, although I am mindful of us all finding some quiet and calm and slow during the day. I always (read: always try to) give my girls a massage after their bath, but it is a bit more production-liney now there are two.

Today and tomorrow I am toddler free, meaning I get to spend some quality time with the pixie. Time that I had an abundance of when there was only one. Needless to say, after running a few errands this morning we got straight into a deep, warm bath. The pixie is now four months old so no where near as new and fresh and tiny as the babies in the video, but she did seem to love being in the water.

I ran the tap over her head, which I never would have thought of doing previously. I immersed her body in the deep water and she floated and kicked her legs. She watched the water rippling with our movement and light reflecting in from the window. She was amazed by the stillness and glassiness of the water which is very uncommon in her regular bath-time, where she lies in her baby bath seat watching Birdie spin and shriek about with toys bobbing everywhere and occasionally being splashed or squirted in the face with a yellow starfish. I held her over my submerged legs and stroked her, I poured warm water over her tummy and her back. We were in the bath for about half an hour, and in that time she did not let out a single sound. It was very quiet. And very lovely. For both of us.

Getting into the towel was another matter. I’d love to say that after thirty minutes of relaxation, listening to Deuter and the soft sweet nothings of her mama, that she promptly fell asleep in my arms. This was not so. She has only just fallen asleep in my arms. She was awake for five and a half hours after that bath. I keep wanting to insert desperate faced emoticons here but I’m sure you can picture my face right now, typing this one handed, five point five hours later…

Nevertheless, it was wonderfully calming and soothing and nice for two hot and bothered ladies.

How do/did you like to spend time with your baby? Are you a bells and whistles mummy or do you try to find moments of quiet for you and your little one? Are you like me, loving that video sick or does it make you feel weird?


  1. cityhippyfarmgirl February 21, 2013

    my first hated the bath, refused to even sit in it until he was 18 months old. my second was only slightly better but still not ecstatic about it. Third?…well she is part mermaid, and it’s sheer joy in watching her swish around in it.

    • motherwho February 21, 2013

      Glad you finally got to experience one baby who likes the water! She is lovely.


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