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Sigh. It’s almost March and my enthusiasm for our great year of de-cluttering and Getting Organised has already landed in a muddle. I am looking around the room at the moment, almost every surface has something on it – something that shouldn’t be there. The pile of papers that I was so dedicated to eradicating in January is soaring to new heights.

Being organised is tiring, right? But I know that it feels so great when I know where things go, I know there things are and I know just what needs to happen each day.

Today, I’m just not feeling it. Prince Charming accidentally took both toddler car seats to work so after lots of emergency calls (to the in-laws), rushing around this morning to make it to an appointment for Pixie and collecting my aunty’s car seat on the way back, I ended up with two screaming girls in the car, finally ready to take Birdie to childcare. One screaming for milk and the other screaming that she didn’t want to go today. I paused, sitting with my hands on the steering wheel and foot on the brake…

By this time it was almost lunch time. I made an executive decision, got back out of the car, got the baby, got the girl. Birdie moped back up the steps, “I’m unhappy,” she said. Oh dear.

We ate lunch, milked the baby and I made another executive decision and put them both to bed after many bed time books and cuddles with Birdie – she very rarely has a day sleep anymore but I think today is the day. It’s very quiet in there, fingers crossed she has a nap and we can turn the afternoon around.

So here I sit, looking around at the clutter and knowing I should be doing something about it, especially in the rare moments when I am actually alone. Problem is all I want to do is curl up in bed and go to sleep. I spend such a huge portion of my time cleaning and tidying, only for it to be in the same disorderly state two hours later… when is there time to de-clutter as well? It’s a full time project, but I know, I just know I need to persist!

I always thought when I was a grown up I would have a grown up house and it would be full of neat grown up things and kept in a respectable grown up manner. I thought I would live in a house that looked like Heather’s house over at beauty that moves. I always read her blog and stare for ages at the photos of her house. I. Am. In. Love. If you came to our house while we were out you might not be able to help wondering if it were two teenagers who lived here with the kids given the dishes in the sink, the unmade beds and the junk on every surface. All we are missing is posters of that channing guy on the walls… or is it one generation or one something or other…?

Please tell me you are grown up too but your house isn’t always kept in a respectable grown up manner? Are you de-cluttering this year? Are you following some sort of process like a book or a blog or just doing it your own way? Where did you start?

Just heard a little “Muuuuumm” from the bedroom. Guess the de-cluttering is on hold for another day!


  1. Miri February 27, 2013

    I love to declutter, it makes me feel much happier when I am surrounded only by things I absolutely love. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Carla March 1, 2013

    Hello Lucy
    I will gladly tell you that I am a grown up too, and my house is sometimes/rarely in a respectible manner !! Sometimes reading your blog is like looking in a mirror, we often seem to be thinking of the same things at the same time!. Yes I am in a decluttering year too. I read a book a long time ago call ‘sorted’ which was good. I also think ‘Simplicity Parenting’ and ‘Simple abundance’ also helped put things into perspective. Hope this helps

    • motherwho March 1, 2013

      Thanks so much Carla! Glad we are on the same wavelength 🙂 I have Simplicity Parenting but will see if my library has the others, thanks for the tips and good luck with your decluttering! Let me know how it goes x

  3. miranda March 30, 2013

    ha! sometimes I look at my floordrobe and the piles of unwashed dishes and other clutter and wonder when the grown-up-cleaning-up thing will hit me 😉
    for the record I am 40+ and have two littlies around the same ages as yours and am thinking I might be waiting a while.
    i have a cleaner come once a fortnight, keeps me in check (I fear without “cleaning up for the cleaner” that we would descend into unspeakable slovenliness).


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