thinking about: a wintery wardrobe


The door slightly ajar to let in the Autumn breeze, warm lavender and bergamot oils drifting in the air. I find myself on the couch, tired of my bed yet still needing rest and recuperation from this nasty bug. Forcing myself to rest, trying not to look down at the floor littered with blocks and puzzle pieces and abandoned dolls and teddies.

I have been thinking lately about the cooler months, about leading a smaller life while I’m on maternity leave, cutting back where we can and making do with what we have. It’s inevitable though, that small children grow. Suprising fact, is it not? As such, I have been looking in Birdie’s drawers, realising that she is going to need a wardrobe upheaval to ensure she is kept toasty warm over winter.

I’ve been scouring the web for patterns and tutorials and ideas, deciding that perhaps this year will be the one that I attempt to make staple seasonal outfits for the girls, and maybe even myself. They have many a pair of homemade pants and pyjamas, and of course hats, but I’d like to expand the repertoire.

These are just a couple of the things I am considering for the girls:

:: An upcycled top into a dress

:: A girl’s tunic

And for me:

:: Wiksten Tova (after having made the Wiksten Tank I would definitely give this one a go)

:: A wrap top (please note, I am not pregnant, I just really like wrap tops!)

:: Two hour tunic (I doubt this would take me two hours with kids around but a weekend, perhaps!)

Even if I just made one of these things along with some new pants and pj’s I would be happy.

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