autumn rains


Good morning Monday. It was a long summer, wasn’t it. As the rain gently pitter pats our tin roof, and cracks of thunder punctuate the seasonal sounds (and upset my dogs), my heart is warmed with thoughts of hunkering down for the cooler months ahead.

Ah, Autumn. You are here. Finally.


(And today, a very warm and loud happy birthday to my love.)



  1. graceofmae April 17, 2013

    Did you write this on Monday? I was just saying to mum today how awesome Monday was!!! We all played in the playroom all day in our pjs with the rain trickling outside and the heating blasting keeping us toasty! Summer – you have been cruel this year and I am not sorry to see you go!!!!

    • motherwho April 18, 2013

      It was an awesome day wasn’t it!! I heart Autumn so much, especially after the summer we just had!! x


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