on being limited

We are renowned for packing everything plus the kitchen sink when we go away on holiday. Every time we begin to pack I am determined not to be weighed down by junk and clothes that come home packed and unworn… and yet it seems to happen over and over again.
The last couple of times we have gone away I have resorted to downsizing the bags we each take. Which I have to admit often just ends up meaning we each take that small bag… plus two more shopping bags for all the things that ‘didn’t fit’. Why we feel the need to take so much stuff I really don’t know!
But for the first time last weekend, it worked! I am used to having my feet propped on things, the dog resting her head on things, things piled up so you can’t see out the rear-vision mirror, things, things, things. When we drove down the coast on Thursday, I could see out the rear view mirror, the dog was stretched out at Birdie’s feet, and we could open and close the boot without something falling out!
Over the five days we did a couple of clothes and nappy washes, but despite our limited packing we still came home with things unworn. It just goes to show that you really don’t need much, we are just conditioned to think we do. I took three t-shirts with me, and wore two, but really could have done with just the one because I only wore the second one to prove a point, trying to wear everything in my bag. I came home with a cardigan I hadn’t worn as well as a pair of shoes, a pair of pants and two long sleeved tops that could all go straight back into my wardrobe.
It’s nice having choices, but sometimes it’s also refreshing not to. This addiction to our stuff and things and phones and rubbish is not good for us.

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