the rabbit ate my computer cord


Sounding strangely like “the dog ate my homework” though unfortunately, this bunny excuse is true. Suki ate my computer cord a few weeks ago and I have only been able to charge my computer sporadically. And no, I have not ventured out to buy a new cord yet. This is a prime example of my middle name: Procrastination, interfering with my life and annoying me, intensely.

A friend of mine is moving to Chicago next week for a new job and new life and fresh opportunities and cocktails and people and flashy city lights. I chatted to her on the phone last night. We haven’t spoken in a while so she asked me the inevitable question: “So, what’s new? What’s been happening?”

A brief silence ensued.

Well, many days have been devoured washing nappies, feeding children, playing duplo, doing puzzles, watching play school… I’ve enrolled Birdie in kindergarten for next year (!)… I toyed with the idea of going back to work and then got melodramatic and melancholy and all variation of “mel” words about mothering and parenting and loving my babies and as such got cold feet and re-did the budget and decided against it… I did some cooking… I did the “I Quit Sugar” program… I got hives… I crocheted some hats… I sewed some chooks… We went away for a couple of weekends to the beach… The girls got sick… Prince Charming got sick… I told him he had man-flu and then I got sick… Still sick…

Hmm not really news worthy, blog worthy or telling-single-high-life-living-friend-worthy.

Nevertheless, life is plodding along nicely, we are having fun, and I am trying to stop coughing and recover from this horrendous virus!

Updates from all of you? What’s new? What’s been happening? 😉


  1. Sarah August 9, 2013

    This mothering caper prompts many questions with few easy answers! Like, how can we understand the value of parenting? What does it mean to be ‘successful’? How can we better value parenting whilst simultaneously ensuring that we are not devaluing the contribution of people who are not parents? How do we resist both the chronic worship of mothers as selfless martyrs AND resist the view that mothering involves not doing much at all? How do we measure our success as parents?

    I take comfort in the complexity of it all because it means that none of us really have the answers. And in knowing that, I can celebrate my high-flying friends’ successes, while enjoying a life with children that looks quite different. I had dinner with a friend this week who annouced she’s getting married on the beach in Hawaii in November, taking a year off to study her Masters degree, planning a trip to France, and working in a job that was made for her by the organisation that she works for. I resisted the temptation of comparison, and reminded myself to revel in her happiness. It’s not easy. Most things worth doing aren’t.

    Keep asking questions Mama. xo

    • motherwho August 13, 2013

      Thanks Sarah, I thought of this comment a lot as I wrote my latest post tonight. Big questions, few answers…

  2. in a nutshell | motherwho August 10, 2013

    […] a snazzy little list at meet me at mikes (thanks Pip!) and given my computer cord situation I figured a quick post is a good post. If you want to play you can copy and paste the blank list […]


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