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I’m finding it hard to fit things into my life at the moment. Except the washing. WASHING! I’m a bit behind at the moment and it’s taken over my LIFE. I’m having a week of just chasing my tail, my mind brimming and spinning and collapsing in on itself with ideas and projects and Things I Want To Do. But by the time the wash is on, the breakfast dishes are cleaned, the clothes folded, the beds made, the children fed and napped it is time for it to start all over again.

Instead of spending my days completing boring tasks while staring longingly at my wool basket or my sewing machine with sad sulky lips waiting for The Perfect Time to get to them, I need to get better at incorporating my creative pursuits into my day to day life. I find if I wait for night time I’m too tired, and there is still more washing to fold!

When do you get your craft on? Do you get creative in the evening? Or do you take five minutes here and five minutes there?


  1. Jenna September 6, 2013

    I so know how you feel! By the time I get ‘me’ time I feel as though I can no longer find the inspiration I had when folding the laundry or washing the dishes…I think we have to act on it, and make it just as much as a priority as the mundane crap is!

  2. Sarah September 6, 2013

    Yes! It is so difficult to find the right balance between meeting your needs, including your needs for leisure and creativity, the needs of others, and the mundane needs of the household. Many times I have sacrificed the washing pile for some time to be creative, because otherwise I start losing my perspective on what it’s all for. I try to think about how I want my children to perceive how I prioritise my needs (a very clever mutual friend of ours taught me about that), and while I want them to see me meeting my household obligations without resentment, I want them to see I won’t do that at the expense of everything else that’s good in life. I want them to see me doing things that bring me joy, and when necessary, to happily wave me off while I spend time away from them doing the things that bring me joy, knowing that it is right for all of us to have the time we need to do creative things. For me, that includes paid and voluntary work, as well as seeing my friends, going to live music, and having time by myself in nature. They don’t always feel very agreeable about making the space I need to do my creative stuff, but in the end, and according to my very good and wise source mentioned earlier, I believe they’ll respect me for it. Good luck with the journey! What a wild ride this thing is!

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