valentine’s day

IMG_3015Unfortunately for me, Prince Charming doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. Which brings me to wonder, does such a person deserve the Prince Charming title? He believes it is nothing but a marketing ploy and for as long as I have known him he hasn’t been interested in taking part. As much as I jest, I do understand where he is coming from. As we all know I dislike nothing more than big companies enticing me to buy things I don’t need. Nevertheless, when it comes to Valentine’s Day and creating family traditions with the girlies, I do like to take part and give it our own slant.

For the last few years we have celebrated Valentine’s Day as a time to think about the people in our life that we love and celebrate the friendships we have. Last year Birdie made [a version of] these yarn love heart cards for her friends. This afternoon we are going to make salt dough ornaments (before the heat sets in from tomorrow onwards!). It just so happens I boiled up a big pot of beetroot yesterday so have plenty of reserved liquid to use to dye the salt dough. You can also find plenty of other ideas here and here.

I may not be getting an enormous diamond on Friday the 14th. But despite the unfortunate materialistic nature now associated with Valentine’s Day, we can still use it to remember what it really stands for, and use it as an opportunity to teach our children to show appreciation and love for those close to us.

How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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