school lunches: a whole new world


Birdie started four year old kinder last week. And I started my new occupation: kinder lunch maker. As the title suggests, it’s a whole new world.

Last year she only needed a snack which I found difficult enough sometimes, particularly when we don’t eat much dairy, and the kindergarten has a no egg and no nut policy to boot.

We are big nut and egg eaters and I find my options slightly limited when they are taken out of the picture. Factor in a fussy four year old who keels over at the sight of anything green and only eats two mouthfuls at any given time and you’ve got some challenges on your hands!

Last night I was motivated by my sister to make some gelatin jubes for the kinder lunch box today (my favourite recipe here). What is meant to take 15 minutes ended up taking two hours after I accidentally blended up a foil easter egg wrapper in the final mixture (Prince Charming is still questioning me on how it got into the blender… I have no answers), moments before I was ready to pour into the moulds. Bye bye to over 10 tablespoons of grassfed gelatin (anyone who has ever bought this will be feeling my pain), two oranges, a few apples, acai powder, flax oil and some sweat.

Yes: I did shed a tantrum induced tear over the kitchen sink as I poured my foil laden tincture into the compost.

By this time I had also run out of most of my ingredients resulting in the jubes (pictured in heart shapes above) tasting rather foul in my humble opinion, but both kids were asking for more this afternoon, go figure.

The girls are going through such a fussy time, being forced to make kinder lunches has motivated me to find some meals I am happy to feed them, that they are equally happy to eat… no easy feat.

Birdie came home from kinder the other day and said in disgust: “Alexander ate a little tomato today.”

“Oh, did he get it off the plant?” I asked.

“No, it was in his lunch box.” she replied, her face filled with horror. To open her lunch box and discover a cherry tomato is one of Birdie’s worst fears. This is what I am dealing with.

In my searches this week I’ve found a few new, a few rediscovered, and a few daily used (by me) resources:

:: This Whole Family

::  Well Nourished

:: Jude Blereau – my favourite family friendly chef lady ever

:: IQS for kids

:: My sister 🙂

How do you organise your kids’ lunch boxes? I’d love some more ideas…


  1. Brooke February 25, 2015

    I hate packing lunch boxes…so much!
    But a few things that always go down well here are;
    * cheese and biscuits
    * homemade sausage rolls
    * coconut & cinnamon popcorn
    * chicken chippies, aka crumbed chicken cut into strips with some sauce on the side
    * jalna yoghurt with sprinkles, aka dessicated coconut
    * salada biscuits w/ butter and vegemite (okay so this one doesn’t really belong in the ‘healthy’ category but when I’m stuck for one more thing to put in their bags…)
    * cauliflower & haloumi pancakes
    * beetroot pancakes (you should be able to find that one on the IQS website…weirdly they taste like nothing but mine love the colour and the coconut cream sauce)

    Can’t think of anything else right now but am super interested to see what ideas anyone else has. I’ll be checking back to steal them!

    • lucy February 25, 2015

      Oh wow I love these ideas so much! Thanks Brooke, am definitely stealing these!!! If I have to make one more sandwich I’m going to throw a real tanty!

      • Brooke February 25, 2015

        I feel ya sista!!
        Paige is a little more adventurous with her sandwiches than Mylo, he’d have avocado and lemon everyday if he could. I can’t say I have a particularly big repertoire of sandwich fillings, but some that P like are;
        * avocado tuna & corn with a little whole egg mayo to keep it all together
        * corn & cheese (one of her weirder ones if you ask me)
        * laughing cow cheese and avocado (always with lemon so it doesn’t go brown)

        Followed your link over to the well nourished blog, it’s filled with good stuff, thanks for the tip!

  2. miranda February 26, 2015

    I often give my kids leftovers from the night before. They are only in care two days a week (and they are supplied with morning and afternoon tea) so I often cook something the night before that is ok to eat cold for lunch. Homemade pizza, homemade burgers, Smitten Kitchen’s sticky wings with rice. Then add some salad or leftover vegies (corn on the cob is always a favourite) plus a little container of greek yoghurt and some cheese of some sort.

    They are also very into flatbread, especially homemade (when I get the chance). So a wrap with cheese, grated carrot and mayo is pretty easy or a little container of baked beans with flatbread to dip in it.

    We have the Nude Food lunch boxes (which I am about to replace with something else) so I usually try and put something in each compartment, but often only use one of the included snack tubs.

    I’m not really looking forward to ramping up to five days a week in a couple of years time when school starts for us!

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