a moderate case of de ja vu


I had a visit from a lactation consultant today. Cue audible sigh. I booked it earlier in the week when I had the funny feeling that things were becoming a little pear shaped when Peach was trying to feed. A clicking noise here, a bit of breast refusal there… it all started to accumulate until one day I had trouble feeding her at all. It’s funny how these things creep up when you’re in the thick of it. Sometimes it takes a slap in the face to be able to notice things that are happening right in front of you.

While little P is nothing like the Pixie in the breastfeeding stakes, I was getting a few warning bells over the past few weeks. Apparently things can go a little awry at the six week mark, which is precisely when I started to wonder if she was feeding as well as I thought she was.

Today confirmed it: a posterior tongue tie, a high palette, a shallow latch and a severe case of Overzealous Let Down and Spraying Boob (self-diagnosis those last two). But also: a darling baby who is trying very hard to make it all work.

It’s not panic stations by any means. At least now I know why I had that little persistent voice in the back of my head and I wasn’t making it all up due to past experience (because I have to admit that I do tend to hit the panic button when she so much as looks at my breast the wrong way). I admitted to the LC today that I thought perhaps she would think I was silly for booking her, given I’m sure she sees situations that are a lot more dire. She assured me that one of the mottos she lives by is “always listen to the mother”, because the mother usually knows best when it comes to these intricate matters.

And just how ridiculously intricate is breastfeeding?!

I never would have known it.

Or guessed it.

I often wonder what would have happened in the cave days… would another woman have breastfed our child if we had trouble ourselves? Are there more problems now than previously? Do all our rules and regulations about nipple angles and latch and positioning pay off or cause us more trouble?

Cue second audible sigh. Sigh.

I don’t know the answer.

But my girl is thriving is every other possible way, so we will continue to iron out these things together.


  1. Jenna August 17, 2015

    I dealt with the same thing with my second. Posterior tongue tie, lots of boobie pain! Once she got it clipped I noticed a difference straight away. Good luck!

    • lucy August 17, 2015

      Thanks Jenna. How old was your baby when she had it clipped? I’m worried my window of opportunity is starting to close…

      • Jenna August 17, 2015

        She was 4 weeks old by the time we got it done. I used a nipple shield until we could get her in for the “surgery.” She also had the bit of gum clipped under her upper lip as that was causing her a big issue as well. She healed great! Your little one is 6 weeks? What does the lactation consultant recommend?

        • lucy August 17, 2015

          She’s 9 weeks now… the LC has referred me to a paediatric speech pathologist as she wasn’t confident to say we should go ahead with it or not… she thought it might have been other factors like her gag reflex causing more problems. The problem is you can’t even put a finger in her mouth to test her suck and so on as she has a highly sensitive gag reflex so she either vomits or pushes the finger away. The LC was amazed she is feeding the way she is! So will make the next app and go from there!! :/

          • Jenna August 17, 2015

            I believe the specialist we saw was a speech pathologist as well. They will have better answers and will be able to judge her mouth,tongue etc. Better than the LC. I hope all goes well and you get it sorted. I know how stressful I can be! Keep us updated xx

          • lucy August 17, 2015

            Thanks so much 🙂 will keep you up to date!

  2. Mandy Easton August 18, 2015

    Loved seeing lil P latch so well yesterday, what a determined girl and mama xx

    • lucy August 18, 2015

      Thank you darling lady. Sending you so many blessings for your upcoming birth. you’re going to be amazing primal woman!!

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