new moon dreaming

DSC02664It’s a new year, new time, new day, new you.

Today is also a new moon so it seems like the perfect time to talk about goals and aspirations and visions for this year that is 2016.

I got all inspired in December after stumbling across Sophie’s Thirty Goals and got out a pen and my notebook to write my own. I wouldn’t usually write goals at the beginning of the year, I tend to write resolutions, but I liked the way Sophie’s list included goals that were more a way of life than a ‘to do’. So here are my thirty things. I don’t expect to achieve them all but they will serve as a little reminder of my direction, ideals, and priorities for 2016…

+ Play more

+ Make handmade gifts

+ Simplify wardobe

+ Write more

+ Read more

+ Bring yoga/meditation back into my routine

+ Go on a hike

+ Eat more veg

+ Grow more veg

+ Plan a family holiday

+ Get our home ready to sell

+ Exercise minimum twice a week

+ Make ethical purchases

+ Finish crochet blanket

+ Spend more time outdoors

+ Use car less

+ Simplify my email inbox

+ Do more good

+ Think before speaking (!)

+ Bake bread

+ Get creative with breakfasts

+ Learn something new

+ Sew clothing for myself and girls

+ Drink less coffee (really?)

+ Spend less time on my phone

+ Don’t be scared to say no… or yes

+ Continue to live seasonally

+ Work on our garden

+ Write letters

+ Save some money

What do you want to achieve this year?


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  2. Sophie Isobel Asher January 13, 2016

    Thanks so much for linking back to me! So glad I found you here. I love your list! I find it so useful to have a list to look at throughout the year, it’s so inspriring.
    Love and Light, Sophie x

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