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Another week, another meal plan… I have found that this is what works best for me. There is nothing less motivating than getting to 4pm not knowing what we are having for dinner, and trying to throw something together from the scraps in the pantry. Meal planning, for me, is essential to ensure the quality of what we eat. Some sad news this week is the price of avocados!? Someone told me this morning that there is a shortage and that the reason for the price hike… so we are unfortunately taking avos off the menu for the time being. Wah!

I usually find planning about five dinners for the seven day week works well, there are usually leftovers at some point and overflow. I used to plan for seven but would usually only end up making four or five of the dinners so I’ve changed my method to account for this.

This week I’m aiming for something like this:

// breakfasts //

porridge + yoghurt + almond milk + fruit

pancakes + fruit + yoghurt

eggs + veggies (for anyone who will eat them at this time of day… in other words probably only me)

// lunches //

winging it: see note below

// dinners //

salmon + veg

peanut brown rice patties + kale-slaw + salad (recipes from here)

steak + salad

lentil bolognese

something to do with silken tofu as I have some in the freezer (ideas?)


// snacks //

bliss balls

chocolate “paddlepops” (also from here)


banana bread

// the baby //

The baby is now have quinoa and brown rice (milled some brown rice into rice flour and made my own baby rice cereal). I haven’t bought any other grains yet, maybe some amaranth or millet could be next on the list. She also had a suck on a bone the other day and cried her little heart out when I took it away from her!

brown rice (or other new grain) + zucchini + coconut oil

brown rice (or other new grain) + dried fig stew

chicken stew

steamed veggie/fruit mashes

I should own up here and let you know that my millionth attempt at making my own yoghurt has once again come to a dismal end and I have yet another kilogram of milky liquid to do something with… any suggestions? I am the worst yoghurt maker ever and have not once had success. Where am I going wrong!? Another confession is that this time I actually used one of the automated recipes on my thermomix… WHO FAILS AN AUTOMATED RECIPE!?

This meal planner is also subject to change this week as I’ve borrowed a thousand recipe books from the library (I put books on hold and it’s always my luck that they arrive all at the same time). So I have these recipe books to dive into this week: Simplicious, The Green Kitchen, Plenty, and Leon: Fast Vegetarian.

The other thing that is happening this week… Bird is starting school on Thursday. OMG. School Mum alert. So I’ll be winging it this week with lunches but next week when she’s going four days I may have to plan a bit more seriously.

What are you eating this week?

Over and out. xx


  1. mirari January 24, 2016

    i love to cook tofu with a lot of veggies, in a wok with lots of soja sauce! but no clue for that milk, we usually don’t consume milk…

    • motherwho February 2, 2016

      Yum, it’s good like that isn’t it. I usually buy firm tofu but for some reason it is silken I have. I didn’t end up cooking it last week, it’s still in the freezer!

  2. Char February 9, 2016

    Your description of the yoghurt made me laugh! I did that for ages too. I’ve found that making sure the yoghurt you are using to start the first batch is really fresh (I just use farmers union from the supermarket) and adding half a cup of milk powder at the same time as the yoghurt culture works wonders. I also have to be really fussy with the temperatures or else it’s just blerch! I heat 1 litre of milk to 185 deg F and cool it to 110 before stirring in a few spoons of yoghurt and the milk powder. Then I leave it overnight in a pre-warmed insulated jar/thermos thing before putting it in the fridge. (I use Fahrenheit because the celsius measures were faded off my thermometer by the sun – whoops!) I used my yoghurt failures to make icy poles – just blended in some fruit and froze. They actually ended up quite nice! Keep trying though, it’s worth it! Good luck! xxChar

    • motherwho February 27, 2016

      Haha thanks Char! Using failures as icy poles is such a good idea, I’m sure I’ll have more fails so will do this next time! Need a breather to build up the courage for Take 485738372928374. I really hope you’re right and that I will be eating my own yoghurt one day in the future :/ Hope you’re well! xxx

  3. Reannon February 26, 2016

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog via Instagram 🙂
    Have you tried making yogurt in the slow cooker? It’s worked a treat for me every time.
    And as for silken tofu, check out Veggie Mama blog. She has some recipes on there.
    Now I’m off to read more of your posts 🙂

    • motherwho February 27, 2016

      Hi Reannon! Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂 I have NEVER done yoghurt in the slow cooker… I am totally going to google this immediately! I’ll see what VM has to offer in the way of silken tofu too, thank you! It’s STILL in my freezer!!!!! Have a great weekend, thanks for touching base on insta too xx


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