Bringing in the Weekend


We’re taking things slowly this afternoon. There’s a chill in the air and nothing to hurry to or from. Just after school chit chat with the girls and breathing into this moment.

We saw some brightly coloured birds on the way home today. One of their favourite things to do is look up birds we see in my Grandpa’s bird book. We (they) rushed to the bookshelf as soon as we walked in the door and we discovered the birds we saw were gang-gang cockatoos. Last weekend we identified these little lorikeets in our neighbour’s tree which reaches its branches out towards our back verandah. I had never seen these in our area before which was quite exciting.

I haven’t decided what to cook for dinner yet. This morning I had full intentions of staying home and catching up on the washing before the weekend. Then Mum invited me to lunch at her place with one of my sisters, my niece, my step-sister and her son, and my aunty. Needless to say after a morning out walking (and a sneaky coffee) I pushed the pram home immediately, threw things in the car and closed the door on the breakfast dishes, the wet washing, the dry washing, the dirty washing, pyjamas on the floor… and didn’t come home until it was time to collect Bird from school.

Which brings me to my present position – pictured above!

This weekend we will see some friends, visit the farmers market, do some cooking for next week and take another big inhalation before we begin again.

To take us into our weekend, I’m listening to this artist who I heard for the first time on local radio yesterday. I’ll leave you with her delicate voice as the light slowly sinks out the window. Have a beautiful weekend, friends.

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