Kombucha Induced Road Rage + a Vegan Fried Rice Recipe

Coming at you from the library today. I spent the morning here getting some stuff done for the NGO I work for, and then stepped out to grab some things for dinner from the shops. I also picked up some rice paper rolls from my favourite sushi shop and a kombucha to get me over the $10 minimum eftpos line. So I jump back in my car and am sitting at the traffic lights. What better time to get stuck into my delicious hibiscus kombucha than that very moment, right? I twist the lid slightly and as the traffic light goes green I try to put the lid back on but the drink starts to fizz and froth and steadily spurt kombucha all over me and my car. I try to balance it on the floor as I start driving again, expletives spouting from my mouth like the fizz from the bottle. I’m yelling at it as I have the grand idea of trying to get it into one of the shopping bags on the seat next to me, the one containing frozen peas and mangos. I accidentally knock it over and it fires with rage at being pushed, spitting all down the side of the door. As I pull up at the library I have managed to get it standing upright on the peas, and it has calmed to a slow froth. I find a car park. I pull on the brake. Everything is covered in it. My hands, the steering wheel, the carpet on the floor, my shopping. I’m surprised there is anything left in the bottle.

This has happened the one time I have left the house in six years without a packet of baby wipes.

An old tissue in my bag has saved the day, and after having a stern word with the bottle I am pleased to say it was quite delicious. I’m now back in the library in a bit of a rice paper roll coma ready to work on a few submissions I’ve got in the pipeline before I feel the pull that will carry me back home to my family in about an hour’s time.

But, I digress. I have been wanting to tell you that so many people have contacted me to say they made dahl this past week! I’m so glad you liked it. I’m here again today to share another recipe with you.

First, to give you an idea of the difficulties I’m dealing with in our kitchen at the moment… KB is testing out a modified ketogenic diet to support his Type 1 Diabetes (quick description = little to no carbs, lots of good fats), the Pixie has a suspected dairy intolerance and is currently on a temporary gluten and dairy free diet, Bird has declared she’s a vegetarian who enjoys the occasional bunnings sausage, I eat mostly plant-based foods and the baby – well, she is currently the only one in the house who eats everything, including floor dust and dog food.

There you have it, our current kitchen stance.

Aside from becoming breatharians, our other option is to eat. And eat, we do, but our meal plans have been slightly more complex of late which is why I haven’t been sharing many here.

So when KB worked late the other night and I realised I had leftover pasta for the girls, it dawned on me that I only had to cook for Me, Myself and I – anything I wanted, no restrictions – and I danced a happy dance across the kitchen tiles. My head was screaming all sorts of things at me: SUGAR! CARBS! CHILLI! They are all yours tonight girlfriend!

I opened the fridge and… *slight* anticlimax. Let’s just say there were limited ingredients at hand. Really all I could see was a container of leftover brown rice and a few vegetables. This is what I made:

Vegan Fried Rice

In a fry pan add some coconut oil (if you like) and cook up some:

+ garlic

+ cabbage

+ broccolli

+ grated carrot

or any other veggies you think would be nice in fried rice or that you have in your fridge.

Then add in:

+ leftover brown rice (it’s better if it was cooked the day before but you know I am not really into kitchen rules)

+ tamari (or soy sauce) to taste

+ 1 tablespoon of brown sugar

+ chilli flakes

Once it’s all cooked to your liking, sprinkle in some spring onions and stir them through.

Serve with fresh greens and anything else that takes your fancy.

I had hommus, kimchi and yeast flakes out to load on top of this, but the minute I tasted this rice I put it all away, it was enough simply on its own.

Now I’d better stop procrastinating here and get back to work.

Enjoy x

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