Getting Out There


We spent the weekend in the high country of Victoria, celebrating a little friend’s first birthday. The town we were meant to stay in was fully booked out due to a few events we weren’t aware of, so we had to look further afield. We ended up in a historic gold rush town that neither of us had visited in a number of years, and it was fantastic!

We drank excellent coffee.

We sat on the main street and watched passersby.

We spent time with great friends.

We walked in the (very) brisk air and let the sun cover our faces.

We thought of my Gramps, who lived very near to this place for a number of years. I imagined him looking out towards the mountains in the evenings.

We stood briefly on the edge of a waterfall and we were reminded how little we are.

We hope you had a good weekend, wherever in the world you happened to be.

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