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At the beginning of the year I wrote a list of aspirations for the year ahead. Things have been a bit wishy washy over the past month as I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection, so for motivation’s sake I thought I’d revisit my list and reflect on some of the things I’ve achieved so far in 2016.

+ Play more // Now that we are well and truly into the school routine, I have been making an effort to set our kitchen table up with activities ready for the post-school, pre-dinner rush with the aim of having some calming and quiet things to do (and to eat, of course). You can see more of our afternoon play here.

+ Make handmade gifts // Definitely kicking goals here, we have barely had to buy a present all year. Some of my go-to pressies this year have been little pocket skirts for girls and succulent pots for adults. Boys are still an unsolved mystery to me.

+ Simplify wardobe // Simplified and then complicated all over again. I’m hoping summer brings some new motivation in this area.

+ Write more // Tick!

+ Read more // Tick! Currently reading this book* that my Grandfather gave me in 2015 after he had finished reading it. Really enjoying nature writing at the moment.

+ Bring yoga/meditation back into my routine // Finally got back on my mat last term at a regular weekly class with my favourite yoga teacher after over a year away!

+ Go on a hike // After my Grandfather passed away in May I went and bought a pair of walking shoes. He was a great motivation to me to get out in nature, it was something we spoke about a lot. Not only have I got my hike on, I’ve also signed up to support the Fred Hollows Foundation through Coastrek, a 30km walk on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula this November. If you have the inclination to support our team, Travel Light, we would be most grateful, you can sponsor us here – all funds go to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

+ Eat more veg // Another win, this year I’ve gone largely back to where I am most comfortable – eating a vegetarian/plant-based diet and am one happy lady when my ethics align with what I put in my mouth.

+ Grow more veg // Check out my latest instagram pic for a photo of our veggie crate!

+ Plan a family holiday // Tassie next year people.

+ Get our home ready to sell // We’ve been working so hard despite what our wider family thinks when they see the mess at our house (haha). Currently updating our front deck.

+ Exercise minimum twice a week // Was in the swing of this with an urban hike or big walk, yoga and metafit every week until I was struck down with this sinus infection. Taking things slowly again until I am well.

+ Make ethical purchases // Have you seen The True Cost? Once you have, there really is no other choice. Available on Aussie Netflix.

+ Finish crochet blanket // Hmm. Nope.

+ Spend more time outdoors // Yup.

+ Use car less // Haven’t really made any change here.

+ Simplify my email inbox // If by simplifying we mean unsubscribing to almost everything, then yes!

+ Do more good // Currently supporting Fred Hollows as mentioned above. I also donate to a cause I support monthly and am preparing some articles for Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October.

+ Think before speaking (!) // Hmm…

+ Bake bread // Haven’t baked a lot. Partly because we have been eating less bread, sadly.

+ Get creative with breakfasts // I’d love some more breakky ideas. Hit me up!

+ Learn something new // Been honing my succulent skills and sewing adult clothes, that’s enough for one year I reckon.

+ Sew clothing for myself and girls // Made loads of headway with this, especially after getting an overlocker earlier this year (thanks Jos!). See my instagram for more progress!

+ Drink less coffee (really?) // Changed my mind on this one as soon as I posted the list 😉

+ Spend less time on my phone // This is something I constantly revisit. I go through phases. Things are pretty good at the moment.

+ Don’t be scared to say no… or yes // Said yes to a few big things this month, I’m excited!

+ Continue to live seasonally // Eating a vegetarian diet and getting outside more lends itself to this one nicely.


+ Work on our garden // Now that the baby is bigger we are back out there again.

+ Write letters // Do a few postcards count?

+ Save some money // Dot dot dot…

I started this post thinking I might have achieved a few things on the list, happy to say I have made progress on almost all of them! Might be time to start brainstorming for 2017…

What have you been chipping away at this year? Don’t be afraid to say hello. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. mirari September 25, 2016

    hello 🙂
    what is metafit? well, i’ll take a look at the net.
    you checked almost everything of your goals, and there’re still a few months until the end of the year!

  2. maija hyle October 13, 2016

    I love your list!

    • motherwho October 16, 2016

      Thank you!


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