slow and steady

IMG_0696Pottering now, doing the slow and steady clean up between children going to bed and finally being able to sit down. This time is typically dotted with the big and the little wailing intermittently, one hitting her knee, the other hurling a dummy out of the cot. The first one needing to go to the toilet, the other missing her while she is gone… for two minutes… The time when the special teddies go missing and one cannot possibly even consider or begin to contemplate sleeping without that particular teddy (which is a different teddy to yesterday, by the way, but special all the same according to the source).

It’s the time of day when no one is really equipped to deal with any situation that arises. Least of all me!

We started reading Black Beauty the other night, and tonight I swapped it for one of the Winnie the Pooh novels, thinking it was more age appropriate… I mean, it’s nice reading classics but honestly… between Black Beauty and Enid Blyton’s short stories… anyone care to comment? I thought Birdie would be happy with the swift exchange, but no. She wants Black Beauty. Tears, yelling, etc. We finally sat down to read a chapter of Winnie the Pooh and she was fairly happy with the content. About five minutes ago (half an hour after reading books) I heard her yelling and thumping her pillow from the bedroom. I went in to find her in a furious dialogue with herself about how she doesn’t like Winnie the Pooh and that she really just wants to read Black Beauty NOW! Thump, thump, whack. The Pixie sat watching from her cot, highly entertaining stuff it seems. It was slightly reminiscent of Gollum and his Precious, just to give you a clearer picture. I cowered in the doorway until it seemed safe enough to enter and talk. Crisis averted.

Now she is out again, she wants more food, despite having sat at the dinner table for forty-five minutes refusing to eat.

Sigh. If someone invents a patience pill, please contact me.

feeling unqualified

IMG_7445These girls ran rings around me today, and one of them can’t even walk.

Have you ever been the new girl in the office, sitting there shuffling papers, staring intently at your computer screen, trying desperately to look busy, mind going a million miles an hour, words spinning in your head, trying to spit out sentences that make sense, trying to look like you know what you’re doing, watching the minutes tick away, wondering who to sit with at lunch… No? Just me?

I felt like that today. A fraud in my own home. Doing the washing, cooking dinner, packing baby bags: fine. But dealing with my little ladies stumped me, time after time after time. I was just pulling blanks, trying to respond timely and say the right things, trying to be a Good Parent, trying to keep things calm, trying to communicate, trying to be clear, trying to set boundaries… trying, trying, trying.

Birdie was bouncing off the walls. She was rude to one of the waitresses we know well at the coffee shop this morning and I didn’t handle it well. I was so embarrassed that I found it hard to relay the story out loud to Prince Charming. It wasn’t that it was particularly bad, I just felt that I wasn’t clear in my response and she ended up getting away with something she wouldn’t normally have because I couldn’t think fast enough. I’m not used to her being ratty, around 5pm- maybe, but not the majority of the day. I’m exhuasted!

Meanwhile my little pixie really did nothing wrong, just had a bit of a needy day which combined with Birdie’s antics made me one tired mama come sundown.

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t feel like such a new girl and will have the brain power to out-think my crafty three year old and her trusty disciple.

Wish me luck!

tantrum town

The other day I mentioned we were having a spot of the old hissy fit around here. Yes, I have been known to throw a few. But right now the toddler is learning to put her foot down. I always heard about the ‘terrible twos’ but my little darling was such an angel I never thought it would happen to me. She still is an angel most of the time, but certain [odd] things all of a sudden have my easy going girl getting her knickers in a knot in a split second.

Example One:

N: “Mummy, what’s this?” [points to a photo of a dingo]

Me: “It’s a dingo.”

N: “No, no, NO! It is NOT a dingo!”

Me: “Well, it actually is.”

N: “It is not, it is not! No!” [subsequent wailing and kicking of the legs]

Me: “Uhhh…” [Where to from here?]

Example Two:

N: “Mummy, where is your water?” [we are driving in the car]

Me: “Oh, I think I left my drink bottle at home by accident.”

N: “No, no, NO! You did not! You did NOT leave it at home!”

Me: “Well, actually, I did.”

N: “No you didn’t! You did NOT!” [shakes head vigorously (ie. thrashes) from side to side in car seat, wailing]

Me: “Uhhh…” [Where to from here?]

Example Three:

N: “Mummy, let’s see a kangaroo.”

Me: “Ok, keep your eyes open, we might see one.”

[Pause. Kangaroo does not magically appear.]

N: “I want one WIGHT NOW. Let’s see a kangawoo WIGHT NOW.”

Me: “They might be sleeping.”

N: “They are NOT sleeping. They are not!” [again some shaking of the head, leg kicking, moaning, etc]

Me: “Uhhh…” [Where to from here?]

We are having similar situations arise on many an occasion, like when I am asked where we are, and the answer “we are at home.” just doesn’t cut it.


But just look at this face. Do you believe me?