sewing: nappy wallets from vintage tablecloths

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I’ve sewn a couple of these nappy wallets this week. Boy oh boy did it take some courage to cut further into my beloved big floral tablecloth. Does anyone else have trouble cutting into lovely vintage fabrics? I have to do it all the time unfortunately, and although it is always usually a satisfying end result, that first snip always includes just a little touch of heartbreak.

One of the nappy wallets above has already been snapped up, and the identical one will be appearing in my etsy store as soon as I can get around to taking some picaroons!

If you’d like to make your own nappy wallet and don’t want the hassle of measuring and thinking, there are plenty of great tutorials around from people who have already done the hard work. Here are a few I found with a quick google search to get you started:

:: Nappy wallet by And so, I sew (great tutorial, clear instructions and good photos!)

:: Nappy wallet by While she was sleeping (a bit longer, but includes an option for an elastic strap)

:: Nappy wallet by Just for Daisy (this one is a little bit different to the two above and includes a changemat) 

This is just a tiny selection of many great tutorials out there. Have a little look around yourself, I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you. Otherwise head over to birdie said and I can make one for you! Out of upcycled materials of course.

Have a great weekend x

to market, to market to buy a…

Pixie hat?




I took a few things to the Kongwak Market on Easter Sunday. I didn’t think it would take me so long to prepare, but it seems that nothing is very consistent around here, so I worked very hard in the week leading up to ensure I’d have enough to fill the table. I don’t think I will be going back to market to market any time soon, without the help of performance enhancing drugs (uh, joking).

What didn’t get sold at the market is now available in my etsy store. Feel free to have a squiz.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

lying on the couch

That’s where I’m at. We’ve had a massive weekend and I am seriously pooped. I can’t believe… and I may be jinxing myself here… but I can’t believe that BOTH girls are asleep this early in the evening. Usually I rush around like a mad hen doing millions of things from The List. Tonight I’m giving myself a night off to lie here and pretend I’m still tucked away in our little caravan.

We just got back from South Gippsland today where we spent the weekend, as we very often do. I had my first birdie said market at Kongwak yesterday which was a whole lot of fun, but considering the amount of time and energy it took me to get organised, I can’t say it will happen again any time soon. I may just be sticking with etsy for now. Can I just say that one of the funnest parts of the market was meeting – in real life – Kitty who, until yesterday, I only knew via instagram! And even then I actually can’t remember how we came to follow each other a while back. Is that funny or what? It was great to meet you Kitty!

Every time we go to the caravan we dream of leaving the city and moving to the country. Even though we live in a very leafy and community minded part of town, it’s town nonetheless. We both feel a calling towards the clearer air, bigger spaces, ocean and smaller communities. Lucky for us both our parents have little holiday hideouts that we are free to use. But every time I come back from South Gippy I am on checking out our future home…

Then I freak out and wonder how and why I would ever go anywhere and would I be scared and would I have no friends and would I be lonely and sad or would the waves crashing and green rolling hills be company enough?

Anyway, there are no photos of the weekend right now to accompany this random ramble as my camera is in the other room and as I have explained, I’m on the couch and nothing bar a screaming baby is going to get me to move from here in the next hour at least.

Has anyone else made the move away from family to another place? To the country? The beach? With young kids? What was it like? Pros/cons?

While you get back to me with all your stories, I’m off to soak up the couch time a bit more. Mean Girls is on, but I promise I’m not watching it.

here we are







Home again, home again. Here we are. Sandy and smelling of the sea. Warm and pleasantly tired.

I have come home a little bit sick, but for the first time in a long time I feel truly well rested and at peace. Excited about what 2013 will bring. I am a firm believer that New Year’s resolutions should begin on February 1st… and end somewhere around the end of November. Or at a stretch, mid December. Do you agree? January for me is about family and rest and holidays and rejuvenation and deep, deep thought and consideration. About your life, your loves, your hopes, your expectations. Your habits, your ideals. I take a notebook everywhere I go, and its thin spine has become worn over these holidays. Buttery pages are falling out in every direction, corners torn and scuffed. My notes are almost illegible, but there they are, in black and red and blue and green and purple. Finally the time to think and breathe and scratch down words on paper.

Now we are back to our real lives, the sea air behind us. There is some change and adventure on the horizon for us, we have had the chance to talk to each other and pen out a little plan for ourselves and our girls over the next few years. I’m sure when the time comes, you will be the first to hear.

This year will be a busy one, I will be back at uni come mid-year [oh dear, how to fit in homework between my babies and my crochet…], we are planning a few market stalls, a few mini-breaks. We are de-cluttering and minimising [for REAL this time], and spending more time at home to tickle our girls, play with our dogs and bunny, and tend our slowly improving veggie patch.

What is in store for you this year?

P.S. The last photo, I just love! Two men, two baby slings. One holding a [very old] dog and one holding a baby. Deep in conversation down a winding bush track. My step-dad and my love.

And the birdie said, “tweet, tweet!”

You may have noticed in my post about sewing again earlier last week, that I posted a picture of a tote bag with a little label inside… birdie said.

I have documented on this blog over the last twelve months my initial desire to sew, and then realising that 1. I could do it (which came as a surprise, believe me) and 2. I LOVED it! This has slowly blossomed into a passion for all things craft, but most of all creating things with my sewing machine, and also the adventure, the hunt and the environmental benefits of using upcycled, vintage and thrifted fabrics to do it.

I started off by making presents for people, and ever so slowly, bit by bit, I have created a little etsy shop called birdie said.

Baby’s first word was ‘bird’. She loves birds and other animals, and is mesmerised when we see a little birdie hopping by. For a few months, when ‘bird’ was her only means of conversation, we spoke a lot about them, as you can imagine. Every second phrase coming out of my mouth seemed to be ‘Oh, look! Another bird! The birdie said, “Tweet, tweet!”‘

And so emerged ‘birdie said’. Named after my little girl and her love of all things bird.

If you’re interested… you can also find birdie said on facebook. I would love a little ‘like’!

Sewing Again!

I have been sewing again!

For what seemed like years, I stared longingly at the dark shadow surrounding my machine. Every time my tummy bubbled with excitement at the prospect of maybe-just-maybe-being-able-to-sew-today, something happened, something came up, and time ran out.

But! Those days are over and my sewing machine and I have finally re-united.

And! The most exciting thing is… I have been working away in the background and got my own little labels, ready for my pie-in-the-sky-market-stall…

If only I would stop giving everything I make away!