Still reeling from the fact that our girl turned 2 last week. She has just recently begun to better understand the significance of family traditions and events and presents and all such exciting things which made the day incredibly special. When she went to sleep that night I was reminded of the hollow feeling I used to get when my birthday ended as a child, I just had a little too much fun celebrating. The photos above are of her first meeting with “Collette” the newest member of our family which I mentioned in my last post. She came with the name… but considering I had a cabbage patch doll who came with the name Etheldreda Eunis when I was a wee one, I figure she can deal with Collette…

Healesville Sanctuary obviously had a huge effect on her as she has been telling everyone how she saw gorillas, elephants and giraffes there. And for those who don’t know, Healesville Sanctuary houses Australian native animals so the chances of seeing gorillas, elephants or giraffes are fairly slim. Oh and she also keeps talking about the duck that was there… a duck which we saw on a poster. Guess the Aussie animals were a bit too quiet for this excitable 2 year old who insisted that the kangaroos were donkeys. Once I stared at them for a while I could kind of see her point, their faces do look a little like donkeys! Or is that a stretch? Nevertheless, we had fun!

Bibs and Buns

It’s been a craftlicious few days here at the house of motherwho.

With it being First Birthday Season and all, there have been lots of tiny presents going this way and that. I started off by making the little ones three bibs each out of thrifted sheets. However, after being inspired by all the lovely gifts that Baby received for her birthday, I have  mixed it up a bit. Now all our tiny friends are getting a bun and a bib. All made from some fabric I discovered at the Korumburra Op Shop over the long weekend. Love a good country op shop!

I have to say, the bun is completely plagiarised using the lovely bun that dear Sophie made Baby for her birthday. Thanks Soph!

We then got to work snipping and cutting up all the old cards and cardboard bits we could find around the house. Now we have a set of tiny gift cards for all the tiny presents for all the tiny people.

Next is wheat bags for Dad’s and Gran’s April birthdays. Then, onto May! I have only purchased one present so far this year, for my twenty-something year old brother in law… I mean, really, what on earth do you make for twenty-something boys?