wardrobe chit chat


Heading into winter it is becoming glaringly obvious that I have two girls who are very quickly growing out of their wardrobes! Coinciding with this realisation I’ve been inspired by all the #memademay tags I’ve been seeing on instagram and have been thinking (thinking) about how long it has been since I’ve used my sewing machine. (I’ve been doing a lot of crochet as you’ve probably realised!)

I’ve also started thinking about my post-baby wardrobe. I’m completely overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I have – stacked away in boxes mostly. Over the past six years of growing babies, breastfeeding, shrinking and growing again I have been everything from a size 10 to a 16. And I have clothes in every one of those sizes. I have worn so many different styles of clothing depending on where I’m at in my motherhood gig – breastfeeding, on the floor playing, running in and out to kinder drop offs, returning to work, spending time outdoors and so on. I’m reluctant to start cleaning out now while I’m heading towards the end of this pregnancy (always a dangerous thing as my pregnant self is an obsessed thrower-outerer, whereas my non-pregnant self is an obsessed hanger-onerer…), but it has got me thinking about how to consciously build a new post-baby wardrobe around all the things I have come to value: good quality, ethical produced, handmade, and suitable for life with three (Did I say THREE!) small kids.

I just read this post (thank you!) and have become seriously inspired to think more about what I am hanging up in my wardrobe, and how to go about getting from A to B. At the moment I am in that place where I just make and/or buy things based on a whim, without any real thought as to whether it is something I need or something that would be valuable over the long term, or whether it fits in with any of my other clothes (let alone my values). I also wear things out of necessity, rather than wearing things based on a style I actually like or think suits me. I have no idea what my style really is underneath all these maternity garments.

Over the coming months as my body slowly works its way back into it’s (new) normal state I am going to expand on these ideas. I wonder where it will take me! Join me on pinterest if you like, I figure that is as good a place as any to start brainstorming.

a pillowcase dress

I borrowed Handmade Home from the library. I’ve been all Soule-Mama-Crazy the last few weeks since the arrival of The Rhythm of Family in my letterbox.

Inside Handmade Home there are instructions to make a pillowcase dress. I’ve had a pretty orange pillowcase sitting in my sewing room for weeks and could not bare the thought of cutting it up. Until finding the instructions in the book I had resolved to keep it and use it on my bed. After much deliberation, I decided to snippety snappety snip. However five minutes of turning the snipped pillowcase this way and that with a frown on my face, to my dismay I realised I had cut it entirely the wrong way! Nevertheless, patience prevailed and after some creative seam unpicking I managed to find enough remaining material to make the dress-slash-top.

Next time I make one of these it will take about an eighth of the time I spent making this one! It’s a little big for Baby but should fit perfectly come Christmas.