Summer in the Garden

The days have been long and hot here. With all five of us on holidays, time has stretched and elongated across weeks of activity with each task, moment, day seamlessly blending into the next. We lay in bed each night, exhausted, wondering together just how we managed to fill our summery days quite so much.

We have inherited a neglected and lazily sloping terraced garden at our new home. Each day we spend time exploring it; snipping back vines of ivy and jasmine to uncover fruit trees (plums, limes, nectarines, lemons) and native plants (grevillea, banksia, wattle, flowering gums), lifting up rocks to discover hidden keys, sweeping the dirt away from the edges of red brick paved paths to find the paths are wider than once thought, extra rows of bricks are hidden underneath the edges of the beds. Slowly, over time, the garden has edged its way across the paths, and eaten everything in sight.

I’ve been slowly placing all my succulent pots around the garden in an attempt to make it look nice, but it is such a mess, it really is going to take us so long to bring our garden up to speed. Though, truth be told, I’m discovering that I love this process. I was sweeping our front paths today when an older couple walked past. We said our hellos and the woman commented, “A lot of work here, these leaves are relentless!” I agreed, and continued sweeping, only to realise I had been out the front pottering and sweeping and looking and dreaming and exploring for over an hour.

Last weekend we were given nine (NINE!) new plants, all propagated by a family member. We have three silver princess, three jacarandas and three ornamental silk trees to plant around our home. This has encouraged us to examine the light, the slope, the plants in more detail than ever.

Today and tomorrow we might plant some of them, if the heat allows. I know we will look back at photos in years to come and can’t wait to take note of their progress.

I am enjoying this space more than I had anticipated. I watch as the light turns pink in the evenings and see the gentle lean of the plants as they reach towards the sun. I see the weeds and vines enveloped and wrapped around the plants – straining to escape.┬áDay by day we will continue to uncover and untangle and unleash. I’m learning as I go: observing, pottering, playing, experimenting. I’m so excited to see where this garden takes us and can’t help but feel like it chose us for a reason.

Another Sunday

Not a Sunday like Monday but an actual Sunday-Sunday. That was today, Sunday. We got so much done today!

It started with an early morning visit to the Yarra Glen Farmer’s Market. In our search for local food and avoiding supermarkets we are visiting lots of farmer’s markets in our region, however Yarra Glen had more in the way of fancy condiments – jams, pesto, sweets and so on (which are of course all lovely) rather than local cheap fruit and veg of which there was only one stall (and it was not cheap). We met a few friends, strolled around with a coffee and tasted lots of yummy treats.

On the way home we dropped past Going Green Solutions to drop off a donation of bras I have been collecting from friends and family for Project Uplift, a worthy cause which collects bras and sends them to where they are needed. Hanging out with lots of breastfeeders meant I was able to collect lots of nursing bras for women in other countries who are having to breastfeed without a bra at all, let alone a nursing bra.

Back home I ticked off a few of those niggling things that have been on my list, like planting this gorgeous little succulent from my aunty, to go with the other succulents she gave me for my birthday.

I put Baby down for an afternoon nap after some vigorous eye-rubbing. I forgot to tell Prince Charming I had put her to bed as he was busy doing school work… Peace and quiet lasted just a wee moment until he walked into the room humming a little tune, flicked on the light and started to get some clothes out of the cupboard. We all know what happened next…. WAHHHH!

By this stage it was late afternoon so we gave up on the idea of a nap and the evening rolled on. I even got to do some sewing!

But the best thing that happened today? Prince Charming cooked me dinner, all the while chanting to himself “Happy Wife, Happy Life, Happy Wife, Happy Life.” I happen to agree.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday too.