Lost My Name: A Book Review (+ Giveaway)


When a package containing three books for my daughters arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The lovely people at lostmy.name had contacted me to tell me about their books and offered to send me one for each of my girlies, in return for this book review*. I receive many emails of this nature, and say no to most of them. But I had a look at the website and after a few emails backwards and forwards, I agreed. And when the books arrived I was ever so glad I had!

The personalised soft cover books are printed on lovely thick matte paper, and contain wild stories about little girls (or boys) who have lost their name. Each book is unique: when you order you type in your child’s name, sex and you can then choose a character to be pictured throughout. Lucky for me, there were three girls to choose from, so each of my three books has a different character to represent each kid. The stories are written in poem form and once I got the flow I found them entertaining to read.


The character wakes up one morning only to realise she has lost her name, and goes on a wonderful adventure to try to find herself. Along the way she meets a collection of animals and creatures who offer a letter to help her. By the end of the book your little character has received each letter of their name, which was a wonderful surprise for both Bird (aged six) and Pixie (aged three and a half). (I’ve saved the third book to give little Peach for her first birthday in a couple of weeks! And those of you who are long time readers will know I don’t just throw any old thing into the present pile for the girls’ birthdays.)


As I needed three books, during the ordering process I was asked if I would like to exchange some of the creatures to avoid repetition in the books, which I thought was a great touch. As we have multiple Ls and Es and As throughout the girls’ names, I think there ended up being one repeated creature in two of the books, but aside from that they were all fresh and individual. The children didn’t seem to notice the repetition as I was reading, and upon finishing begged me to read them again immediately. When ordering you can also preview your book before purchasing.

While the books are quite lengthy (and would be more so if your child had a very long name), the illustrations are engaging and the poem format easy to read.

Now the good news is that the folk at lostmy.name are offering one motherwho reader a free book!

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While I did agree to write this review in exchange for three books, I have written an honest post with my true opinion of these books.

road tripping with small children (plus a sinchies giveaway!)


In the lead up to our road trip I was quite nervous. I didn’t know how the drive would go and my idea of a holiday is not being stuck in a car full of screaming children for hours on end, which I feared was just what I was walking into. I didn’t really know how to prepare or what to take with us. But now that we are back, and survived the journey, I’m itching to plan another trip!

We didn’t drive very far, in the scheme of things. We went from Melbourne to Merimbula which is about a seven hour drive from home – on google maps. On the way up we stopped half way in Metung for a couple of nights and then continued on. On the way back we planned to do the same thing, but every time we thought we might stop there was a child sleeping or the back seat was quiet so we just kept going… eleven hours later we walked in our front door. Phew, it was a massive day but oh so worth it.

I thought I’d share some of the things I did to make the long journey easier, just in case any of you might find it useful.

When we go away I always pack sinchies reusable pouches for the kids, and fill them with different things for them to enjoy on the road (pictured above). This time I made oat and cacao smoothies / apple and kale / apple, kale and vanilla yoghurt and had them ready to go in the freezer the night before. They absolutely love them and it limits the mess in the car too. Last time I purchased I made sure to buy some extra child safe lids so I can be more confident about the Pixie in particular opening the lid by herself – a phrase I am becoming very familiar with. We use sinchies every week in the kinder lunch box or for easy snacks at the park and so on. They will also be used regularly for the baby too now that she is on the verge of eating. Since I began using sinchies, I realised they aren’t just for kids, they’re great storage containers for homemade soup, sauces, dressing and even things like sunscreen and toiletries when travelling! They have a great range of other products too which suits “no rubbish/nude food” lunches – like sandwich, snack and wrap bags. Win.

Another favourite of ours are little bento boxes* which the girls absolutely love. I know it sounds kind of silly but they seem to eat so much more when it looks interesting. And for a food nerd like me there is nothing better than cutting sandwiches into animal shapes!

We didn’t have any firm intentions to make it all the way to Merimbula without technology, but just to give us some buffers I put together two little writing kits made out of sandwich boxes, you can see them pictured above with crayons and pencils on one side and post its and stickers on the other. So simple, and provided a whole lot of fun both on the road and while we were at our destination. Believe it or not the car was iPad free the ENTIRE JOURNEY!

Lastly we always have story CDs on the go – although we have listened to them so many times I could chant them out myself without having to press play…

Going away isn’t really free and easy like it used to be pre-kids. Not much is impromptu, and on the eve of most trips we are up incredibly late, ticking things off lists and folding and packing and tidying and searching the house for those last minute things (teddies, undies, that missing shoe). At that point it’s easy to question why we go at all. But then you arrive at your destination and stretch your legs, maybe have a glass of wine, and everything is ok again.

* * * * * * * *

To make your next trip a little easier (be it to the local park or further afield) Sinchies are offering one lucky motherwho reader one of their starter kits which includes 2 x 80mL, 2 x 140mL, 2 x 200mL, 1 x 500mL, 1 x 1L, 1 x funnel, 3 x child safe lids, and a cleaning brush. An excellent addition to any wholefoods pantry. I should also mention sinchies products are free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC which is important to me when making choices for my kids. They are also dishwasher and freezer safe which is a must when you’re a busy parent making food from scratch.

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And the winner is… Tina! Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Sinchies giveaway and a big welcome to those who’ve joined us in the last week. Tina, I will be in touch to link you in with Sam from Sinchies. Have a great week everyone!


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