I’m Sewing Again


I haven’t felt the urge to sew or make lately. My creativity has a will of its own. It comes and goes whenever it bloody feels like it (read: never when I want it), it’s not always constant. When I want to make something or write something I WANT TO MAKE AND WRITE EVERYTHING and then it slows down again until the next burst. Is it like this for you too?

We have a family wedding this weekend and I was determined to make my own dress, partly because I am breastfeeding little Peach and I need to be able to feed her without getting naked at the wedding, partly because it was a goal of mine to make more of my own clothes this year, and partly because I have been thinking more and more about my wardrobe over the past few years. So I bought a pattern a while back and then… did nothing. I wasn’t feeling creative and I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. It has button holes which I have never done before. Then my Gran suggested press studs instead and all of a sudden I wanted to make something and I WANTED TO MAKE EVERYTHING. Unfortunately the urge came at school pick up and I immediately made the executive decision that instead of going home and preparing dinner and bathing and doing all those sensible things like the Good Mother, I was going direct to Spotlight with three children to get my material and press studs. Insert straight faced emoji here.

We moved slowly through traffic. Peach is screaming in the back seat, the girls are hungry, I’m trying to calm everyone down (don’t they get that I need to make something and I NEED TO MAKE IT NOW?!). We round the corner to Spotlight and I reassure them that we have arrived, there is no problem and we’re all ok and everything is well in the world. I look up to see a cheerful sign saying:


With a friendly arrow pointing me in the right direction. Nooooo! I rarely go to craft shops as I have a lot in my stash at home and I mainly use vintage and thrifted fabrics. I had no idea it had moved! (Apparently months prior.) I’ve been driving for half an hour, I’m so close, we have to keep going. Girls, we’ve got this. Onwards! (Can you tell I’ve been watching MKR?)

Two and a half hours later we were home. But it was all ok because I got my material and my sewing mojo!

It took me another two weeks to then print the pattern and stick it together, bit by bit in between motherly duties. I carried it around in my bag, unravelling it at people’s houses, on the floor in my kitchen, at my Gran’s, until it was done. And then, I sewed. You can see a picture of the final product here.

Once I had had enough of looking at myself in the mirror wearing an actual dress that I made myself, I just kept on sewing. The picture above is Bird in this dress, using some linen from my stash along with some floral cotton from Gran’s stash. I’m so happy with how it has turned out.

I’m pretty stoked to say that four out of five of us will be wearing handmade to the wedding this coming weekend, two out of five made by me!

What are you making at the moment?

wardrobe chit chat


Heading into winter it is becoming glaringly obvious that I have two girls who are very quickly growing out of their wardrobes! Coinciding with this realisation I’ve been inspired by all the #memademay tags I’ve been seeing on instagram and have been thinking (thinking) about how long it has been since I’ve used my sewing machine. (I’ve been doing a lot of crochet as you’ve probably realised!)

I’ve also started thinking about my post-baby wardrobe. I’m completely overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I have – stacked away in boxes mostly. Over the past six years of growing babies, breastfeeding, shrinking and growing again I have been everything from a size 10 to a 16. And I have clothes in every one of those sizes. I have worn so many different styles of clothing depending on where I’m at in my motherhood gig – breastfeeding, on the floor playing, running in and out to kinder drop offs, returning to work, spending time outdoors and so on. I’m reluctant to start cleaning out now while I’m heading towards the end of this pregnancy (always a dangerous thing as my pregnant self is an obsessed thrower-outerer, whereas my non-pregnant self is an obsessed hanger-onerer…), but it has got me thinking about how to consciously build a new post-baby wardrobe around all the things I have come to value: good quality, ethical produced, handmade, and suitable for life with three (Did I say THREE!) small kids.

I just read this post (thank you!) and have become seriously inspired to think more about what I am hanging up in my wardrobe, and how to go about getting from A to B. At the moment I am in that place where I just make and/or buy things based on a whim, without any real thought as to whether it is something I need or something that would be valuable over the long term, or whether it fits in with any of my other clothes (let alone my values). I also wear things out of necessity, rather than wearing things based on a style I actually like or think suits me. I have no idea what my style really is underneath all these maternity garments.

Over the coming months as my body slowly works its way back into it’s (new) normal state I am going to expand on these ideas. I wonder where it will take me! Join me on pinterest if you like, I figure that is as good a place as any to start brainstorming.

thinking about: a wintery wardrobe


The door slightly ajar to let in the Autumn breeze, warm lavender and bergamot oils drifting in the air. I find myself on the couch, tired of my bed yet still needing rest and recuperation from this nasty bug. Forcing myself to rest, trying not to look down at the floor littered with blocks and puzzle pieces and abandoned dolls and teddies.

I have been thinking lately about the cooler months, about leading a smaller life while I’m on maternity leave, cutting back where we can and making do with what we have. It’s inevitable though, that small children grow. Suprising fact, is it not? As such, I have been looking in Birdie’s drawers, realising that she is going to need a wardrobe upheaval to ensure she is kept toasty warm over winter.

I’ve been scouring the web for patterns and tutorials and ideas, deciding that perhaps this year will be the one that I attempt to make staple seasonal outfits for the girls, and maybe even myself. They have many a pair of homemade pants and pyjamas, and of course hats, but I’d like to expand the repertoire.

These are just a couple of the things I am considering for the girls:

:: An upcycled top into a dress

:: A girl’s tunic

And for me:

:: Wiksten Tova (after having made the Wiksten Tank I would definitely give this one a go)

:: A wrap top (please note, I am not pregnant, I just really like wrap tops!)

:: Two hour tunic (I doubt this would take me two hours with kids around but a weekend, perhaps!)

Even if I just made one of these things along with some new pants and pj’s I would be happy.