Practising Contentment Within Parenthood


I don’t know if it’s because I’ve exercised this morning and had a large coffee, but I’m feeling all energised and ready for life today. Not that I don’t feel ready for life normally, but I have more energy than usual for some reason.

I am a searcher by nature. Constantly searching for: things to read, things to learn, things to eat, things to think, things to do. Always searching for

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Heading Into The Weekend


I didn’t do any meal planning this week, I haven’t done a single load of washing, I haven’t folded any clothes or done anything particularly domestic (actually I did vacuum last night, only because I smashed a mug in the kitchen)… so you can imagine our state of affairs heading into the weekend! I thought better of coming home after school pick up today and instead went directly to my Aunty’s for cups of tea and chats about chooks and snakes (one spotted in her yard yesterday :/) and my other Aunty’s fabulous wedding last weekend (at THE PROM!) and sewing and foxes stealing birkenstocks from my sister’s back doorstep and other miscellany. My sister dropped past too and after I heard everyone’s delicious plans for dinner (while I had none) I came home and threw together a sweet potato frittata which is currently in the oven.

Each weekend seems to pass us by; we are determined this weekend to have a little plan in place so that we get a couple of things done around the house, but also have some time as a family, just enjoying each other.

What are you up to this weekend?