Living Small, Dreaming Big

It’s 2018. 2018! I remember in meetings at work years ago discussing goals that would be achieved by “2020”. It seemed so far away, so futuristic, so unreal. And now, it’s almost here.

I know some people say resolutions are a waste of time, but personally I love the ritual of sitting down on summer nights towards the end of December and early January, reflecting on the year that was, re-grouping, and conjuring up plans, ideas and visions for the year ahead. It’s cathartic and positive and motivating. I think, anyway.

Last year I wanted to find more clarity in my day-to-day life, and I wanted to follow an authentic path – whatever authentic for me (and us) is. I think I have managed to find that in 2017. Or, at the very least, begun to understand what that means.

This year, I want to find more discipline in my life. I don’t want this to be misunderstood for something harsh and rigid. A lot of my inner frustration is born from not following through on things or yearning to do something to the point that I’m complaining about not doing or being that thing… when in reality, I am the only thing standing in my way. For me, it’s more around putting effort into myself and having the structure, groundedness, application and routine, the discipline, to infuse my life with the things that sing. Think yoga and meditation, eating fresh and abundant plant-based foods and taking the time to prepare them, cooking and walking. Think less screens, more fresh air. All those good things that sometimes need to be built into a routine, lest forgotten. In addition, this year once again brings changes to our life as a family unit; I’m starting a new (permanent, finally!) part time job at a not-for-profit in a fortnight, and I’ll also be teaching slow flow and prenatal yoga (if you’re local and keen, send me an email for details). In order to keep things calm and level-headed, there will need to be a strong sense of routine, predictability and… discipline to get everything done and keep everyone happy.

Another thing I’m passionate about is working on my handmade wardrobe. Last year I made this, this and the jumpsuit from this collection among some other things I worked on and drafted up myself with my partner in crime, my Gran. I get such a thrill out of putting something on in the morning and realising that I made it myself. So I’ll be doing more of that this year too.

Aside from that, we have some camping trips planned, some walks, some mini-adventures and a whole lot of slow, calm, home-y type things.

What about you, what’s on the horizon?