A Day At Home

A few plans with extended family were cancelled yesterday. It was then I realised I hadn’t had a day of doing ‘nothing’ for… when was the last time we just Stayed At Home? Isn’t it terrible that I really don’t know? Baby has had days at home when I have been at work, but we’ve always had something ‘on’ on the other days – even if it was just meeting friends for a walk.

Yesterday I decided – we would do nothing. Just stay at home. Use the time of winter solstice to have some quiet time, some warm time, some slow time. Just be and flow through a day without leaving our little nook in the world. Appreciate everything we have, the life we lead… so much we have to be thankful for.

:: Hey, Suki! Come back!

:: I’m not like other babies! Seriously!

:: Hmm, this stuff isn’t half bad. One for me and one for you?

:: Quick peek at the veggie patch… oh dear…

:: Some warming candles, and a DVD from the library for tonight…

:: being thankful for the little things, little snippets of time, little moments.

*I had a wonderful day, but I know that sometimes looking at someone’s life through the ‘blog lens’ can make it seem unrealistic.┬áSo, to put all this in context… I didn’t take photos of the moment I stood on Sophie the Giraffe and nearly induced a heart attack upon hearing her squeak, or the liner full of poo which I threw on the floor while I was changing Baby, only to have it land upside-down, or the tantrum that Baby threw when I was making lunch and couldn’t pick her up as soon as she demanded, or her spitting all the food out that I put time and energy into making, or the moment I looked around the house and wondered what to do for the long afternoon hours stretching ahead before Prince Charming arrived home… Real life includes all these moments. It’s our choice to pick and choose which ones to focus on.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. xo