a thought, a reminder


I was reminded of something the other day: something simple, something sweet. I read this post over at simplicity comes from within, a new-to-me blog. Earlier that evening, as I was swatting at my floor with the broom, and furiously washing dishes, tut-tutting at yet another toy left on the floor, tripping over dirty little knickers and wet towels left in doorways, I felt angry. I just wanted to sit down and have An Evening. One that involved a bit of crochet, some telly watching or a book. I was annoyed at myself for not letting the holiday-vibe last even one day at home and ra, ra, ra. You can imagine the internal dialogue.

Then I read Maria’s post and it was as though the words were written for me. About finding beauty in the everyday.

I will be sweeping my floor more gently tonight.