skirty, skirty, skitty, skirts

I’ve been all about the skirt the last few weeks. As my tummy [and the rest of me] expands nothing seems to beat skirts and some leggin’s. Well, just the leggin’s on their own would probably suit me better, but unless I’m going out walking or have my runners on I just can’t bring myself to wear leggin’s solo. It makes me feel all naked.

Weekend before last I went to the market and after much deliberation and a few laps around with Baby wondering whether we were at the market or the grand prix, I finally lashed out and bought an amazing denim and ELASTIC WAISTED a-line skirt. The lady who made them was a fantastic help and patiently listened to me explaining the trouble with my enormous bottom and what I needed out of this particular skirt. She helped me try on a whole load and didn’t try to make me buy the most expensive one she had. It reminded me as to why, if I am going to buy something new – which is rare these days – it is so important (and a much better experience!) to support local, handmade products.

I came home and decided I should make myself a few more elastic waisted skirts. Over the last week I’ve made two…

This first one I made up by cutting a pattern from the skirt I bought and winging it. It didn’t turn out as I had hoped, the waistband is huge and the skirt is a funny shape which you can’t really see in this pic as I wanted you all to think I was fabulous.

The second one I finished over the weekend and I actually spent a lot of time *strictly* following the pattern which is something I am often lax to do.

I was browsing the world wide web on Saturday night (after watching the second episode of Homeland… we are hooked!) looking for the perfect skirt to make on Sunday. I found this milkmaid skirt tutorial, but decided the waistband probably wasn’t going to suit my somewhat rounded waistline of late. To make the waistband I used the waistband tutorial from this skirt. Bring the two together and… voila!

A milkmaid-come-yoga skirt for huge and ever-growing tummies. I really didn’t think this was going to work. My track record making my own clothes is pretty dismal. Lots of attempts… lots of fails.

It’s slightly on the large side… for now… but I’m happy!

today I…

:: Had morning cuddles on the couch with my girl.

:: Ate porridge for breakfast.

:: Did the best set of pigtails I’ve ever done in Baby’s hair (at her request) only to have her pull them out.

:: Had a midwife appointment. Heard the wondrous sounds of my little babe’s beating heart.

:: Went to the fruit and veg shop and the deli.

:: Ate naughty deli mediterranean pasta bake for lunch. With spinach and rocket on the side to make it all ok.

:: Had my aunties and cousin over for our regular Friday crafty catch up.

:: Turned a vintage skirt into a maternity skirt… of sorts.

:: Made seven wheat bags for a local osteo clinic.

:: Finished two granny squares for Baby’s 2nd birthday blankie… her birthday was one month ago…

:: Drank too much tea and coffee.

:: Made chicken stock.

:: Ate dinner with my lovely husband and girl and decided on the kinders we’ll visit tomorrow on kinder open day.

:: Ate chocolate while I tried to finish off my nutrition assignment.

:: Read blogs while I was meant to be finishing off my nutrition assignment.

:: Wrote this post while I really should have been finishing off my nutrition assignment.

:: Stood in front of the heater and pretended I was thinking about my nutrition assignment.

:: Went back to nutrition assignment, ate more chocolate and decided it was time for bed.

Happy weekend to you all xxx