a wintery solsticey bonfirey night

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Last weekend it was the Winter Solstice down here in Aus. For the second year in a row we went in to a community celebration organised by some dedicated and hard working family of mine. What an expert bonfire-mulled-wine-lantern-making family I do have! And all I did was front up on the night to enjoy the festivities and complain about all the hoards of people.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice is only something I started doing three years ago when I made it my mission (when Birdie was barely out of the womb) to celebrate every damn celebration I could so that I could say that My Family Has Traditions. I went a little crazy, even so far as to write them all down on brainstorm chart. I am so embarrassing, I hope I didn’t write about that on this blog somewhere because it really was just a little OTT. Three years down the track I’m really happy to say that of the 75 billion traditions I decided we would suddenly celebrate out of the blue with no rhyme or reason, the Winter Solstice is one that we have stuck with. It really is such a beautiful thing to recognise the seasons around us, to pay attention and to pay some sort of homage to the earth and the coming and going of the light and the history of such things. It fits in with our desire and effort as a family to work with the seasons, to eat seasonally, to live mindfully.

If I could tell my new-mother self one thing (actually this is not the one thing I would say if I could only say one thing but for now I will just say this one thing) I would tell her to take heart – never fear – for as a little tiny family evolves, traditions do come, even without the chart.


trapped in study land

Yikes, what a view, hey. This has been my life, [pretty much] for the past five days. I have my first naturopathy exam on Monday, for clinical nutrition. Then it’s over and out until 2013, as next semester my only homework will be growing my bub and come October, learning how to be mama to two, not just one! My back is killing me from sitting at the desk or table, and I feel like most some of this stuff is getting caught in the sticky webs of preggy brain inside my head and from there, not going many places at all. We’ll see.

After a tough time today dropping off and saying goodbye to a dear friend of mine at the airport (sigh xxx), I came home to some cheer, as I have been nominated for two separate blogging awards, lucky me! Thanks so much to Michaela from Babushka Mama for passing on the Reader Appreciation Award to me! And Pamela from The Ripple Effect 2009 for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. How exciting folks, two in the one day! Michaela and Pamela, you’ve made my day – I promise I’ll do all the things I’m supposed to in regards to following this up next week after my exam is done and dusted. At the moment any question I answer will probably say something like “vitamin c is a great antioxidant” or “triglycerides” when I’m meant to be saying “my favourite colour is green”… which it is, by the way.

I hope you all have a lovely week, and if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere (the whole hemisphere? I’m not sure…) it’s Winter Solstice tomorrow. Yay. Welcome light. Warmth. Spring. In a while. Onward and upward. Etc. To be honest, I love winter. I just want a teensy bit of light for my morning walk so I can stop picturing monsters, orcs and aliens jumping out of the bushes at me. Which is quite unrealistic. But in the dark as I’m traipsing around with my dog, my belly barely fitting into my jacket, the sound morphed by the beanie covering my ears, tree branches and shadows reaching out towards my face, my imagination tells me it really could happen.