a case of the jitters

Oh Lordy Lord. Maybe it’s because I have drunk a whole pot of [black] coffee just now (remind me not to do that again). Maybe it’s the moon or the season. All I know is I have been SUPER jittery today. I even forgot to have lunch which is absurd considering I spend a ridiculous amount of time either thinking about or preparing food.

Should I clean? Should I crochet? Should I cut up felted wool?

Should I bath kids? Should I cook? Should I play Snow White and the Hunstman?

Should I laugh? Should I dance? Should I invite someone over?

So… I cleaned a table, crocheted eight stitches, folded some washing, danced in the paddling pool, dipped the Pixie’s feet in the paddling pool, read three sentences about introducing food, cut up some felted wool, read two little girls a book, laughed, pretended to be the Wicked Witch, Cinderella, the Hunstman, Snow White and a teacher, fed some imaginary bears some honey, made some left over rolled oat pudding (not to be underestimated!), rocked a doll to sleep, put the Pixie to sleep, served dinner, got the Pixie up again, bathed the girls, wiped up dinner, kissed my husband, handed over a grumpy Pixie and sat down here. Then I got up again and put some rice on for Dinner Round Two. Then I sat down again.

Yikes. I can’t keep up with myself.

This is exactly why I need this, to get my daily rhythm back in control. I can’t wait to get started!

Will I be able to sleep tonight?

Do you have days like this?