today I…

:: Had morning cuddles on the couch with my girl.

:: Ate porridge for breakfast.

:: Did the best set of pigtails I’ve ever done in Baby’s hair (at her request) only to have her pull them out.

:: Had a midwife appointment. Heard the wondrous sounds of my little babe’s beating heart.

:: Went to the fruit and veg shop and the deli.

:: Ate naughty deli mediterranean pasta bake for lunch. With spinach and rocket on the side to make it all ok.

:: Had my aunties and cousin over for our regular Friday crafty catch up.

:: Turned a vintage skirt into a maternity skirt… of sorts.

:: Made seven wheat bags for a local osteo clinic.

:: Finished two granny squares for Baby’s 2nd birthday blankie… her birthday was one month ago…

:: Drank too much tea and coffee.

:: Made chicken stock.

:: Ate dinner with my lovely husband and girl and decided on the kinders we’ll visit tomorrow on kinder open day.

:: Ate chocolate while I tried to finish off my nutrition assignment.

:: Read blogs while I was meant to be finishing off my nutrition assignment.

:: Wrote this post while I really should have been finishing off my nutrition assignment.

:: Stood in front of the heater and pretended I was thinking about my nutrition assignment.

:: Went back to nutrition assignment, ate more chocolate and decided it was time for bed.

Happy weekend to you all xxx