Bringing in the Weekend


We’re taking things slowly this afternoon. There’s a chill in the air and nothing to hurry to or from. Just after school chit chat with the girls and breathing into this moment.

We saw some brightly coloured birds on the way home today. One of their favourite things to do is look up birds we see in my Grandpa’s bird book. We (they) rushed to the bookshelf as soon as we walked in the door and we discovered the birds we saw were

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Over the Weekend

It’s Monday and we had the most glorious weekend. It started when I was presented with a hot coffee first thing and told to drink it in bed. I opened the curtain and let the light stream in and sat with Birdie curled up next to me and slowly sipped.

I spent five hours in the kitchen with my three little helpers yesterday afternoon, and I feel so organised for the week. I made tamari trail mix, raw trail mix, salted caramel bliss balls (with nuts for those eating at home), coconut cacao bliss balls (with seeds for those taking to work/school), sneaky veg muffins, sweet potato and lentil frittata, and a giant batch of kitchari (a traditional Ayurvedic recipe which is gentle on tummies and great to eat during the change of season into Autumn. I made enough for a family meal + five adult lunches). I was planning on making red kidney bean bolognese sauce as well for one of our dinners this week but we ran out of time, I will make that in the next few days. The girls donned their aprons (the baby joined us with a rusk and contributed with some squeals here and there) and helped to pour, mix, roll, chop and grate. Things are slower with them in the kitchen and I have to make a conscious effort to include them and allow things to go at a slower pace.

We went to a local native plant sale, met some friends and took turns minding children and wandering around. We bought some natives for our garden and even found time to plant a few.

On Saturday KB took all three girls out and I stayed at home for the whole morning cleaning the house, I think this was a major contributing factor to the calm flow that followed us throughout the remainder of our weekend. It took about four hours, but oh! What a difference it made to our attitudes and our time spent at home over the weekend, without falling over things and each other. Now we just have to try to maintain our sense of order, for a little while at least.

It’s weekends like these I like best, with time to think and potter and make. I hope you had a wonderful one too, wherever you may be.

Heading Into The Weekend


I didn’t do any meal planning this week, I haven’t done a single load of washing, I haven’t folded any clothes or done anything particularly domestic (actually I did vacuum last night, only because I smashed a mug in the kitchen)… so you can imagine our state of affairs heading into the weekend! I thought better of coming home after school pick up today and instead went directly to my Aunty’s for cups of tea and chats about chooks and snakes (one spotted in her yard yesterday :/) and my other Aunty’s fabulous wedding last weekend (at THE PROM!) and sewing and foxes stealing birkenstocks from my sister’s back doorstep and other miscellany. My sister dropped past too and after I heard everyone’s delicious plans for dinner (while I had none) I came home and threw together a sweet potato frittata which is currently in the oven.

Each weekend seems to pass us by; we are determined this weekend to have a little plan in place so that we get a couple of things done around the house, but also have some time as a family, just enjoying each other.

What are you up to this weekend?

welcome, autumn

I love Autumn. Something about the moist smell in the air after the first Autumn rains, wearing shoes instead of sandals, taking along a cardi. The birds sound different in Autumn. Things smell different, feel different. I feel like something within me awakens once the stifling blanket of summer disperses.

This weekend, we said goodbye to Summer and welcomed Autumn by…

:: taking a trip to spotlight for some wool – it’s crochet time!

:: getting outside

:: walking

:: cooking – red lentil and pumpkin soup, dahl, buttery toasted sandwiches…

:: resting

:: sewing

:: enjoying watching my little girl’s independence grow and blossom with some independent play (YAY!)

:: watching Charlotte Gray

:: Oh, and did you spot the notebook? That’s right, I’m back at school kids! Just started back last week, studying naturopathy!! Should take me… oh let’s see, around 7 years???

:: eating chocolate (despite my nutrition lecture almost making me swear off anything but broccolli for the next decade)

Hope you had an equally wonderful weekend. We are off to the caravan on Wednesday, I can’t wait.